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d2time= Jack Deus X

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1 d2time= Jack Deus X on Sat Dec 22, 2012 6:40 am


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Name: Jack Deus X

Age: 17

Dorm: Cursed Pride

Alignment: Lawful, Good

Brief History: Jack Deus X was born a dueling prodigy with a love of machines. He comes from a long line of duelist beginning with Jack Deus who used "heavenly" deck that was passed down from generation to generation. Jack Deus X rejected the original build and adopted a more chaotic version, with the addition of machines. His innovations were uncanny, however his family felt that he was foolish for disrespecting his heritage by making the deck "unpure" and rejected his changes. So he took the deck and ran away, vowing that he would be better than his forefathers his own way. He keeps the family deck with him but seldom uses it due to the painful memories. After leaving home, Jack came across the gates of the Dragon Dojo. With the help of his machines he tested well enough to become a member of the Cursed Pride Dorm, however his will to prove his family wrong pushes him to strive further. Due to his dueling prowess and use of machine cards he was coined the nickname "Deus Ex Machina"

Personality: Jack is reserved but friendly. He is always willing to duel simply to be the best however he is willing to help out anyone in need. He once was quite arrogant but being disconnected from his family has given him humility but also left him pretty lonely. His closest friend is the monster spirit Gorz which is included in all of his decks.

Monster Spirit: Gorz (and Kaien)

Brief History: Gorz was the first card Jack picked up and has been Jack's monster spirit since even before he could duel. Similarly to Gorz's actual effect, he was always there when Jack had nothing. Most people can not see Gorz walking beside Jack but he is always there. He often gives Jack advice but is more so Jack's biggest critic. Kaien usually only comes out in duel but she often helps Gorz come back to the good side and remedy arguments. She is the most level headed in the group however due to the fact she can only come out with Gorz's effect her helpfulness is often limited.

Personality: Gorz is lawful, however he is neutral. He sways between both good and evil but remains noble regardless of his affiliation. He is the strong silent type until a duel begins. Gorz is highly critical of Jack in duels because he wants him to reach his full potential which sometimes leads to arguments. Kaien is a sweetheart and despite the fact that she often seems annoyed by Gorz it is clear they are a couple.

*optional* Favorite card: Gorz, The Emissary of Darkness

Awards: None yet

Deck Recipes: D2Quick (Quickdraw deck), Deus Ex Machina (Machina deck), Heavenly Chaos (Seldom used but has the combination of ten generations of Deuses and prodigious innovation), Perfection (the deck build bestowed upon him before his changes)

Status: Jack can talk to duel spirits and is followed by Gorz (and Kaien). Jack has never known Gorz's reason for staying with him, he just always considered Gorz like a guardian angel. The couples true purpose has yet to be revealed but they must be following Jack for a reason.

Recent Character Development: Jack has now been admitted into the Sacred Goddess Dorm and is now the winner of the DTD opening tournament with the help of the "Perfection" Deck given to him by generations of Deuses.

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Approved. Have fun with your campaigns!

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Another spirit talker? cool. Shall we have Daniel and Jack collab sometime?



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