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Crystal beasts xyz

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1Crystal beasts xyz Empty Crystal beasts xyz on Sat Dec 22, 2012 9:47 pm


Hey guys,

I'm working on a crystal beast xyz deck with no dragons. It's a really rough draft right now, but I've noticed a few things about it.

1) those crystal beast cards get to the s/t fast. I keep getting worried about being overwhelmed but this never seems to happen unless I run out of crystal beasts in s/t and/or xyz atking monsters.

2) A lot of crystal beasts get to that graveyard, and if I don't win with that big push from s/t to xyz's I lose steam and often lose. I don't know how to handle this problem.

3) idk what staples I should be mixing in with this deck.

Any thoughts guys? I'll edit in a deck list later when I feel the deck is more formalized.

Crystal beasts xyz 12Qzu


New Member
try running Hamon,Lord of striking thunder hes a really good beat stick
also try running Dragon queen of tragic endings she runs pretty well
also try running rare value its good draw power
i hope this helped you with your deck Very Happy

3Crystal beasts xyz Empty Re: Crystal beasts xyz on Sun Feb 17, 2013 5:27 pm


GFX Designer
These suggestions would've been good in the past, but Crystal Beasts are largely becoming an aggressive deck that relies on the effects of Ruby Carbuncle, Crystal Promise, Crystal Beacon, and their field spell. Because of this, you generally want to get as many CB into your spell and trap zone to utilize CB Ruby Carbuncle's effect.

Hamon is counter-productive because it eats up the CB in your spell and trap card zone, and it is hard enough to get 3 in the spell and trap card zone only to send them to the graveyard. i recommend Malefic Cyber Dragon as it is easily summoned, doesn't eat up the CB in your spell and trap card zone, and has the same ATK as Hamon.

Dragon Queen of Tragic Endings is basically a control card, and as stated in the previous 2 paragraphs, Crystal Beasts are an aggressive deck. Control and Agro don't mix well.

Rare Value: Refer to Hamon. Basically, eats up your CB in your Spell and trap zone that you would rather use to Special Summon Crystal beasts with. Compare this card with Cards for Black Feathers. You either use it or you don't. At best you should only use one as a tech, but I generally don't recommend it for a crystal xyz deck.

So basically, for the suggestions stated above, you should add Malefic Cyber End Dragon basically, and possibly a Rare Value.

As for Staples:

Summoner Monk [Easy Rank 4]

Crystal Promise [Gets Carbuncle's effect off]
Crystal Beacon [See Above]
Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins [See above xD]
Terraforming [Gets Ruins to your hand faster. Generally want to run 2 of these and 2 of field.]
Book of Moon [Card is amazing]

Torrential Tribute [You should be able to figure this one out.]

Super Rush Recklessly [One-for one that gets your CB in the Spell and Trap card zone and gets rid of a monster, particularly cards like Machina Fortress, REDMD, Lightpulsar Dragon, etc.]

Starlight Road/ The Huge Revolution is Over [Used to protect your Cb in their Spell and Trap card zone, but use this card carefully as you generally want to stack up your Spell and Trap Zone, and this may clog it and be dead on the field.

And that's it. I probably have more suggestions but i'm tired of typing so I'll stop there.

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