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Da Rules for missions

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1 Da Rules for missions on Sat Dec 29, 2012 3:26 am


Mmkay so as clarification on some things for missions here are le rules served up Kells Style

1) post screenshots if you can't then contact one of the mission board and send them a screen shot if you can. Tinypic, DN Screen shot, and Paint are acceptable at the moment. Contact me or comment this thread if you have others.
2) if there are prizes aside from GP (like shadows deck lists) you need to contact them to get them. People will not constantly check their posts to give you a list. We be lazy sometimes.
3) You can only do a mission once. No exceptions.
4) If you wish to give GP as a prize contact myself or T3st to make sure its realistic. We don't want people winning 1000 GP because they attacked with Sangan
5) Don't make super impossible missions -.- they get annoying and are just dust gatherers
6) It is always nice to put tips of how to win in the post but its optional
7) You can not do your own mission -.-
8 ) Only staff and people approved by me personally can make missions

Well For now that is it.

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