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Hello and Welcome to the Dragons Training Dojo (DTD)

We're glad to have you with us, so long as you follow a few simple rules.

Dragon's Training Dojo has one rule that we enforce above all others. Don't take children's card games too seriously! Ironically, we are very serious about this rule. All the staff has had bad experiences on DN, and I'm willing to bet that everyone reading this can name at least one. We don't want to be that academy. There are lots of aggressive academies out there, that value skill above all else. If you hold the same values, go join one of those academies. Here we believe that a noob who has good manners is worth a thousand times more than a king of games without them. And we stand by that. Basically never act remotely close to this:

If you are the type of player who acts like this we do not want you here. Everyone else is welcome. Very Happy

Aside from behavioral issues we do not discriminate against players. DTD is an open academy and so long as you treat other players and admins with respect you are always welcome here.

1) Always treat your opponents and fellow academy members with respect. Say gg, gl and hf. Be kind. Never act like a child over a children's card game.
2) Screenshot behavioral problems you have with other users (if any) and send them to the staff. The staff will talk with both of you and have a meeting behind closed doors.
3) Do not talk about sexual stuff on a children's card game academy. This should be self explanatory.
4) Do not use excessive foul language, or rude respond rudely in the posts. We all drop a swear once in a while but don't overdo it.

(Example of responding rudely in a post. Say your opponent posts scores and says "Man those were tough games :/" Do not respond with something like "LOLOLOLOLOLOL My DS didn't let you do anything! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL" do not laugh at, or insult your opponent in a duel. Do not give negative comments about skill level.)

5) Follow the rules posted in other areas in the dojo.

Any rule breaking gets discussed by staff behind closed doors, hope to never have to enforce these. We have a 3 strikes system.

If you're having trouble with an academy member, start by avoiding them. If they cross the line and insult you, take screenshots and get the staff involved.

This isn't really part of the rules but a game design shot "extra credits" did a good show about harassment. Anyone who is having trouble with their online gaming community I recommend you watch it:

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I agree with all points. If things become too big of an issue I will come and talk to you personally.

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