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zhero90= Zane Daimao

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1 zhero90= Zane Daimao on Sat Jan 05, 2013 6:07 am


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Name: Zane Daimao

Age: 16

Dorm: pulsating sword

Allignment: Lawful Good

History:Born in domino city, where he was abducted from his parents. spent his life at duel accademy traing to be a better duelist and hopefully to the pros. he learns of his parents and vows to find them. but zane posseses a special power that only he has. he has yet to learn of its ability but he must use it to find his parents.

Personality: supportive, leaderous, helping people, macho guy

Favorite card: stardust dragon

Awards: N/A

recipes: dragon, dhero, ehero, gladiator beast, zombie, spell caster, blackwing, stardust, lightsworn, hero rabbit, and pyro

Status: N/A

Gender: male
Date of birth: N/A
Race: white .-. dont know how to spell the other word
Skin: ummm white i guess o.o
Physical build:athletic
Likes: duels to help others and to be best of the best,
Dislikes: people who talk badly about my friends, people who dont know what they are doing

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