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1 Astral666sm=Astral on Sat Jan 12, 2013 2:18 am


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Name: Astral


Dorm: Pulsating sword

Allignment: True Neutral

History: it was a midsummers day, a young boy no more than 13 woke up in an uncharted forest, nothing for miles. The only thing he could remember was 2 things, his name(Astral) and how to survive in the wilderness(surprised?). Everything he owned was in his pockets, a deck and a note that said "Watch your back". He then proceded to spend 2 years surviving in that forest by hunting, foraging and making makeshift shelters as he walked in one straight direction. One day as he was walking when he heard noises in the distance, surprised he ran towards it hoping to find other signs of human life. As the trees got smaller and smaller he came across a clearing in the forest, it was a small town. Astral thought the population couldn't be more than 20 people. As he got closer he saw that people were going about their business as if nothing was wrong and it was normal for a kid to walk in on their village. Except for 1 old man who looked at the boy with sadness. He asked Astral who he was and what he was doing here but all astral could reply was i dont know. The old man took pity on him and took him in where he raised him for 6 months, during that time the old man revealed to Astral that he received a card shipment from domino city and he also had his own deck. After Astral showed him that he to had a deck the old man tested the boy, but Astral somehow knew all the rules within his first draw and memorized his card effects by picture within the first summon. The old man saw the potential he held and sent him off to the duel academy where he could learn more about himself and where he came from.

Personality: Calm, collective in stressful situations. Believes in Duel monster spirits.
Strategic, More of a night person, friendly to most people.

*optional* Favorite card: Water Dragon


Deck Recipies: Yusei deck and Crystal beasts


Recent Character development:

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