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The Chaos Warriors (brief RP context)

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Mortal men were never supposed to rule over monsters and magic. In ancient times, that power was reserved for the gods. But the gods were cast out by something new and unexpected so they lie in the shadows and wait.

In time this wall that sealed them away seems to fade and crack. And they can breach the barrier of the land they ruled once. And make the playthings of man once again.

Every month on the full moon, the Dragons Training Dojo's veil weakens, and the spirits of it's students are summoned forth, pit against each other, each one believing themselves to be on the side of justice or to be benefited in some way. But in the morning these children escape into the real world, as the dawn breaks the power of the Mad Gods.

But do their plans extend past simple sadistic pleasure?

The games takes place in a different dimension called the Chaos Realm. The place is a single area, with white sand, and black plant life all around, The sky is almost pure white, with grey is almost as white which seems to be a light source for the realm, and aside from the people who are inside of it, everything is black and white, with frequent sand storms, but only when the gods of the realm wish for them to be.

The Chaos Warriors (brief RP context) 12Qzu

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