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Rules of the RP -Basics-

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1 Rules of the RP -Basics- on Thu Nov 29, 2012 5:47 pm

Kagami Hiiragi

Kagami Hiiragi
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These are just some of the most commonly used RP rules ~Kudos to edsamac from crunchyroll for the basic guidelines on my post.

The Rules are subdivided into different sections, so I ask of your patience to read through not only the rules, but the guidelines as well, so you get a general feel for how the new system(s) work(s).

Here is an overview of the Rules:

I. General Rules
II. RP Guidelines
~ OCC Rules
~ God Moding
~ Character Controlling
~ Posting Styles
~ Thread Creation

Again, the RP Guidelines act as a supplement to the General Rules, so I expect all RP gamers to read them. Here are the revised RP rules:


RP Thread General Rules

The point of this thread is to, hopefully, introduce the new scheme of RPing here in Dojo, in hopes of reducing the chaos, while keeping the fun and point of the games intact.

Since this is a forum style RP, rules are essential. As follows is the basic scheme of rules for RP threads in the Dojo, along with a couple guidelines that you should know when playing RPs here.

The main rules are as follows:

1. Forum Rules Apply
The RP threads are part of the Dojo's forums, and thus, are subject to the same rules that govern the rest of our forum. Specifically, emphasis is given on the following:

No double posting
Avoid posting an entry immediately after your previous post. If you wish to add on to your last post, use the edit button.

No trolling
Trolling is the act of intentionally posting poorly on sensitive topic with the intent to incite a reaction in another person. This is not tolerated.

Do not camp a thread
Camping is the act is constantly watching a thread and posting the very second afterwards. This tends to suffocate other members and will be monitored.

You can tell you are camping if your posts appear throughout the thread alternating between other users' posts.

No Flaming
Simply avoid fighting or escalating arguments to the point of degrading the person. Be mindful of your language, and if you really want to discuss some issue, take it to PM

No Chatting
Avoid useless conversation irrelevant to the thread, or even to the community. Forums were meant to be venues for discussion and interaction, ideally with more than just one or two persons. Take more personal conversations with people through PM or other means (i.e. Dojo chat, DNF chat). If you wish to announce something in the thread, you can use the OCC method (explained the guidelines of this thread)

Role-Play Specific Rules.

2. No God-Moding
This is crucial when playing forum RPs. Though it's nice to have a powerful character, it isn't fun when someone acts as if he can never die, or does unbelievably incredible damage to a foe. To put it short, don't act like your a God or other incredibly powerful being - it just isn't fun for other players. Understand that your character should have the weaknesses of a mortal or every other person too. Roleplaying is the imitation of life, and much like in the real world, you will be prone to getting attacked, or in some cases, getting killed as the plot requires. Remember, it's just a game... You can always make another character, or at the GM's discretion, revived.

Refer to the RP guidelines further down in this thread for more information regarding this rule.


3. No Character Controlling
Roleplaying is cooperative story-telling. Respect the fact that you're not the only person playing in the RolePlay. Other people have characters that have specific attitudes that only the player knows, so by no means should you assume that you know enough to know how the other character will respond. Under no circumstance is one player to control another player's character without permission. Period. This kind of action violates the property of another user's character, and is grounds for warnings and eventual disqualification from the game. You may, however, control Non-Playable Characters (NPC's) - these are characters created by the game master, or other players, for the simple purpose of moving the story forward, or adding background. Consult the creator of the NPC if you wish to control them, so as not to make it seem unnatural.

For more information, refer to the guidelines of this thread.


4. No Cybering
Dojo is a PG13 site. No posts of sexual content, or to make things simple, no sexual intercourse between characters and NPCs, or characters getting pregnant.


5. Give fair warning
If you're going to be gone for a while, make it a point to inform everyone, or at the very least the game master, of your absence. This is so that no one has to wait up for you, especially if an action has to be performed by your character in order for the plot to move on.

For the GameMaster: If your roleplay encounters a situation where a player has become absent for a crippling amount of time, you are advised to contact a Moderator with the purpose of aquiring control-rights to the absentee's character. This action only gives you the right to control the character, and does not grant copy-right.
~Note, this rule should in no way be abused and should be only temporary until the moment when the absentee returns.


6. Do not copy.
Do not copy and steal other players story or character(s). The copyright of the story and character belongs exclusively it's original creator.


7. Follow the proper posting format
There are two types of posting formats that will be endorsed in the RP threads, and each thread uses only one specific type of posting format. Read the guidelines on posting formats later in this thread to familiarize yourself with the different posting styles.


8. Be aware of limits
RP threads from now on will have a limit as to the number of people who can participate in them, and are indicated at the title of the thread:

The Legend of the Silver Arrow [3/8]

The first number in the brackets indicates the current number of players. The second number indicates the maximum number of players the RP game is open to. If maximum capacity has been reached, the title will look like so:

The Dark Road [FULL]

The maximum capacity will be determined by the Gamemaster (thread starter), but as a rule of thumb, no RP can have more than 15 players.

In addition, no RP can have less than 5 players. Remember that RPs are venues of interaction. The point of the RP is useless when only 2 or 3 people are playing it unless a specific game master has previously planned as such.


Always note, some rules may be left up to the discretion of the game master to change so long as it does not violate the basics of the forum rules (Ie: No sexual content)


Warnings & Penalities

The following system will be enforced for noncompliance with the rules:

1st Offense ~ Warning
2nd Offense ~ 2nd Warning
3rd Offense ~ 1-day Ban
4th Offense ~ 3-day Ban + Removal from the RP permanently

Once you have been removed from the RP, you are expected not to post on the thread again. Further sanctions may be employed by non-compliant users and will be subject completely to the discretion of a moderator.

Thank you for taking the time to read through. New rules may be added to help provide the best gaming experience.

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