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Top 5 ways to improve your playing style

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Based of of experience, I beleive the deck and luck is only 50 percent of the what determines a duel. And the rest is Skill. Now lets look at the qualities that good yugioh players have and how we can improve our skills in dueling.


1. Patience: this is by far one of the most important thing you shouyld have when u play yugioh. This game is almost all about timing. You need to know when to activate a trap like solemn at thye right time to be able to make that card effecient. This game requires that you have a great deal of patience to be able to consentrate on what your opponent does, and take advantage of the duel. one way to improve this is to practice waiting for something like for someone to make a move in chess or checkers. If you can play chess well, then you probably have a good patience.

2. Focus Focus Focus: Not only do you need to be patient whan you duel. you need to have a strong focus on the duel. This is why you might have difficulty with patience because you have to wait for your opponent to think and keep track of the duel at the same time. a way to improve your concentration is to get 2 copies of 5 cards ahuffle them then set them down individually. Try to keep track of what card is where. this is an excellent way to help you remember what cards are where and to calculate the probabbility of the next card. i think you've played this game before on the computer, now try it with yugioh cards.

3. Rulings knowlage: Knowing how to play the game is also helpful. The more you know about cards, the better off you'll be because you know what to expect as a result of a card being activated. This also helpe prevent misplays because you know how your cards function so you don't activate a card not knowing it's an illegal move. my advice is to duel often to familiarize yourself from the game, don't be afraid to ask questions because hey, thats how we learn.

4. Trying new ideas: If you're willing to try new decks, you'll get better alot quicker. Inzektors were a very powerful deck, until hornet and dragonfly were limited. the deck is almost dead now as the format moves along. While you don't want to run what everything else runs, you still want to be aware of the metagame and how it runs. knowing this will help you get familiar with what everybody else runs and help you become better at the game.

5. Practice makes perfect: If you don't practice and learn how to use your deck(s), you'll never be able to take advantage of their strategy and learn how to make them better. No deck is perfect, just some decks hve a better chance of winning because of their strengths and weaknesses. Knowing this, you should know what decks you have a bad mathcup against so you can learn how to del with these threats either by siding in cards or maining cards that will help you win against bad matchups.


If you guys can thing of any other plz feelk free to post them below, this is my key to how you can become a better duelist. Also, these things helped me become a better duelist and helped me progress into a better player. There's no way i'm the best but i'm definately not the worst player. these are some ideas i've tried and have been successful with. hope you enjoyed reading it.

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My top tips for deck building:

1. Try to stick to 40 cards - The less cards the better because that way you're more likely to draw what you need.

2. Be creative and try your own ideas - Using pre-made and commonly used decks makes you predictable and henceforth vulnerable to your opponents counter attack and/or side.

3. Pick your extra deck carefully, even if you don't Synchro you're more than likely to XYZ.
Extra deck suggestions and reasons: Rank 3 - Wind-up Zenmaines; Zenmaines is a very strong card for both offence and defense, with the capability of getting past mirror force, survival and destruction. - Number 17; Very useful for field advantage and making unforeseen combos utilising both players banish zones. Those are the must have rank 3's. The rank 4's are more determined by your deck so I'd recommend doing some research on them.

4. Don't resort to Burn or Exodia decks: These decks do not help you learn new plays, they just focus on one play and that is what makes them inconsistent.

5. A few cards that can go in most decks are: Heavy storm; Dark hole; Monster reborn; Book of moon and Solemn Judgment.

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