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Shadow's Fanfiction Chapter 1

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1 Shadow's Fanfiction Chapter 1 on Sat Feb 16, 2013 6:22 pm


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Chapter 1: Insertion

Dijiri wakes up in the morning in a military base outside of Carcass City. Carcass City is a lawless town full of death and destruction. In the lower section of the city there are hundreds of homless and ruined homes. The upper section of the city is home to gun-trotting villains who kill for money. Dijiri hears commotion outside of his living quarters. "What is going on out there?" dijiri says. Dijiri goes to look out the window and then he hears a knock at his door. "Now what"? Dijiri opens the door and he sees a soldier geared up for battle. Dijiri regonizes the soldier. "Oh private Karpa it's you. What do you need?" "Sir Dijiri sir!" the soldier says while saluting. "I told you many times that you have to need to salute to me or call me sir. I'm not a soldier. You can just call me Dijiri". "Okay Dijiri" says the soldier. "So Karpa what do you need?" "Oh yeah that's right! The Captain wanted to see you" "See me why?" "I don't know all he said is that he wanted to see you now." Hm sounds important. Let's go". Dijiri grabs his sword and follows karpa into a busy hallway. After a while they find the captain. "Captain Quist you wanted to see me" says Dijiri. Yes Dijiri follow me. Captain what is going on? Why is it so busy? says Dijiri. Well Dijiri we got a lead on the stronghold base of the Angel's Executioners Gang. Are you serious? You found the base? says Dijiri. Dijiri sees soldiers gearing up with heavy weapons. Dijiri and Quist along with other soldiers are in the War Room planning stragedy. Dijiri if we can get past this central area we can strike at the heart of the base. This area here will be our LZ. We are going in my heli. With your skills Dijiri we can put an end to this gang once and for all. Dijiri I want you riding with me in the heli. Alright captain let's do this. After getting geared up Dijiri and the Captain and other soldiers get into the MK-58 Goddess Attack Helicopter. They get airbourne and head to the landing zone.

The captain goes to the pilot. "What's our ETA to the LZ?". Ten to 15 minutes tops. says the pilot. After about five minutes there is a warning siren. "Missile inbound! Everyone brace for evasive maneuvers!. The port side of the heli is hit. The captain screams at Dijiri. "Get out of here and help the troops on the ground! We'll catch up with you. "Captain are you certain?" Yeah we will be fine. Those soldiers need you. "Alright I'm going". Dijiri grabs his sword and jumps out of the flaming helicoptor. A missile is fired at Dijiri and he is able to evade it. Two AA gun batteries are aimed and firing at Dijiri. Dijiri smirks. "Not this time guys". Dijiri draws his sword. "Try this on for size. DIMENSION SLASH!" Dijiri slashes the air creating a rift allowing him to teleport behind the AA guns and take them out. Dijiri sheaths his sword and continues on to help the troops on the ground while he is still thinking about the safety of the captain.

Chapter 2: The Last Stand (coming soon)

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