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Dragon's New Yugioh Fanfiction

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1 Dragon's New Yugioh Fanfiction on Tue Feb 19, 2013 3:11 pm


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Here is my new yugioh fanfiction. Tell me what you think maybe?

Chapter 1: The Wheel of Fate

Haru is on the plane on her way to canada. She is looking and organizing all or her cards so that she is ready. Then she grabs the yugioh rulebook and begins studying. Haru looks at her wristwatch. "Okay if I remember correctly this plane should land in Canada in around 12 to 14 hours. That means I have alot of time to study". Haru begins to study while talking to herself. "It seems like alot of cards are banned this year. The rules of the tournament seem to be the same as normal matches. Two out of three duels and the winner advances on." Haru keeps studying and then she begins to dose off. She wakes up and she sees that it is dark outside. She hears an announcement over the intercom. "Ladies and gentlemen this is your pilot speaking. We will be arriving in Toronto City Center airport in around 20 minutes. haru puts all of her cards and supplies and gets ready to leave the plane when it lands. Haru picks up her phone and dials a number. "Yes I will be there soon don't leave without me". After a while and getting through the airport haru hurries to get to the limo waiting for her outside. She rounds a corner and then she bumps into someone which makes haru fall. "Ah. Ouch that hurt." The one she bumped into begins to speak and holds out a hand. "I am sorry miss I wasn't paying attention. Are you okay?" Haru looks up and sees a handsome guy with Silverish hair and glasses holding out a hand for her. Haru grabs his hand and stands up. "Thank you mister I'm sorry for bumping into you. I am Haru by the way and you are?" "Oh my apologizes miss. You may call me Anthony.

Chapter 2: Friendship

Anthony sees that Haru has dropped something. He realizes that it is Yugioh cards. "Oh I see that you are a duelist Haru". "Oh yeah more like I am trying to be a duelist. I came for the tournament taking place here". There is a weird look in Anthony's eyes and Haru catches it and she crosses her arms across her bosom. "What you don't think I can be a good duelist because I am a girl right?" Anthony answers back quickly. "No no it's not that there just aren't many female duelists around these parts. "Can you excuse me for a moment Anthony?" Haru goes to a wall and picks up her phone. She thinks to herself: "Oh my gosh this guy is hot. I think he is a duelist as well. I want to spend more time with him". Haru dials a number and calls her limo driver. "Yes you don't have to pick me up. Thank you in anyway. I will make sure you are paid for your time". Haru returns to Anthony blushing a little. "Um... Anthony? Is there someplace I can go to get freshened up?. Anthony picks up Haru's dropped things and begins to speak. "Yes there are living quarters at the tournament stadium. I can take you there if you want"?. Haru begins to blush more. "Uhhh....sure that would be nice. Do you have a car?". Anthony leads Haru outside. "Yes my car is close by". After Haru and Anthony walk for a bit someone strange walks up to them and draws a gun. Anthony steps in front of Haru. "Hey come on man you don't want to do this". The stranger keeps his gun pointed at Anthony. "Just give me the girl then you can go free." Anthony steps forward towards the man. "You are just going to have to shoot me." The man hesitates and then he sees on Anthony's waist is his dueling cards. The stranger speaks. "Ah so you are a duelist huh? I'll tell you what if you can beat me in a duel I will let you and the girl go. If you lose I get the girl and you can't do anything about it". Anthony looks back at Haru and sees that she is scared. "Okay I accept your challenge." Haru grabs Anthony's arm and pulls him back.
"Anthony you don't have to do this!" Anthony reassures Haru that everything will be fine. Anthony steps forward and grabs his phone and then dials a couple numbers. A couple seconds later there is a female voice. "Holographic duel engaged". A digital table appears in front of each Anthony and the man. A line splits the space between the two. A lifepoints counter appears in the air next to Anthony and the man showing 4000 to each person. Haru is on the sideline and sees a scary looking Anthony. His looks enough to kill the man. Anthony and the man both shuffle their decks and then draw five cards. The man looks at his hand and smirks. "You have no chance to defeat me boy. Just give up now". Anthony doesn't say anything. Two symbols shows up on the table. Anthony allows the man to go first. Anthony looks at his hand. He knows he can win with his Infernity deck. Anthony's five cards are Infernity Necromancer, Infernity Archfiend, Infernity Avenger, Monster Reborn, and Infernity Inferno. The man starts his turn. "I draw." He looks at what to do. "Haha it's over boy. I activate my Field Spell Card Mauseloum of the Emperor. As long as this card is face-up we can both tribute summon by paying 1000 lifepoints to the amount of tributes required for that monster. And now I will pay 2000 lifepoints to summon the monster who will destroy you boy! Come forth Earthbound Immortal Uru. His special effect allows him to attack you directly and he can't be targeted for an attack. Since I started I can't attack. I end my turn." Anthony begins to get nervous. Anthony thinks to himself. "Damn it. I need to get rid of that Immortal or I won't last two turns." Alright I draw. Heart of the cards please guide me. Anthony draws his card and the card ends up being Dark Hole. Anthony smiles. "Alright let's get started. I activate my spell Dark Hole." The man is mad. "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!". Anthony feels in control. "And now I summon Infernity Necromancer. Thanks to his effect he goes into defense.
I will set this card facedown and then I will activate my spell Infernity Inferno. I will use it's effect to send all cards in my hand to the grave. Then I will use my facedown card Monster Reborn to bring back Infernity Archfiend. Thanks to his effect I can add one Infernity card from my deck to my hand and i choose Infernity launcher. Now i will set that and then i will use Necromancer's effect to special summon Infernity Avenger. Now I will show you my ace card. I synchro summon. Wings dark as night. Turn hate and anger into power I summon you Void Orge Dragon!" A seal opens up in the sky and then something descends down in front of Anthony which is his Void Ogre Dragon. "I'm not done yet. Now I activate Infernity launcher and will send it to grave to special summon 2 infernity monsters. I choose necromancer and archfiend. I won't use archfiend's effect but I will use necromancer's effect. I special summon Infernity Avenger. I synchro summon Stardust Dragon. Looks like this is game" The man's lifepoint counter goes down to zero. The man begins to yell. "DAMN IT HOW COULD I LOSE TO SOME KID!!!" Anthony goes to the man. "Keep your duelist promise and leave us alone." The man grabs his gun and then tries to shoot Haru. Anthony is quick enough to kick the gun out of his hand and knock out the man. Anthony grabs his deck and then goes to Haru. "Haru let's get out of here things are okay now." There are tears falling down Haru's face. "O.....okay". Haru is amazed at Anthony's dueling ability. Anthony takes off his jacket and puts in around Haru. "Don't worry Haru i will protect you.

Chapter 3 coming soon

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