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A doorway emerges in a corner that was never there.

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Behind the doorway lies a room. Nothing seems entirely out of place in the room, aside from the corner opposite the window. The corner clearly should be there, by all laws of geometry, architecture, and the Academy's health code. But where it should be is nothing. No empty whiteness or blackness, no spiraling vortex into the Shadow Realm, just nothingness. In the center of the room is a small piano with a chair before it. Someone appears to be sitting there, playing a tranquil little peace with a rhythm that's always slightly off of how it sounds like it should be. The room suddenly brightens immensely. The figure turns around, its face a blur. At first it seems to be the light, or disorientation from looking at the
not-really-a-corner, but then, as the light becomes a moderate level,
the truth becomes clear - the figure's face is a blur. The figure appears somewhat humanoid in shape, rather tall, with ten spindly
arms and a mass of tentacles twisted into two analogues of legs. The figure wears what appears to be a checkerboard pattern suit, the checkerboard being colored dark yellow and magenta, and a top hat of a similar color scheme and pattern. A greenish-bluish swirling pattern forms on the blur as the figure begins to speak. "Hello, my guests. I am the new student here. You may refer to me as Parallel... Yes, I believe that is a good approximation in your language as to the meaning of my name." The figure - Parallel - bows, and, though lacking discernible facial features, appears to grin as it welcomes you into its room.

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