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ParallelNebulae = Elathry'rhn yc'Ylthaern

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1 ParallelNebulae = Elathry'rhn yc'Ylthaern on Wed Feb 27, 2013 12:43 am


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Name: Elathry'rhn yc'Ylthaern (pronounced "ale-ah-tuh-ree-[pause]-run eek-[pause]-eel-tuh-ah-ear-n")

Pseudonym: Dokomo Kaeru

Age: Age doesn't apply. Elathry'rhn is an emissary of a being that exists in a realm without time.

Apparent age: Roughly 20, though sometimes glitches into appearing 7 years older or younger for brief periods of time.

Elathry'rhn is of a species that has neither a male nor a female
gender, but instead a set of eight distinct genders. If you wish to know
more information about how this actually works, PM me and I'll explain.

Apparent gender: Male, though when glitching, he may turn female temporarily. Either way, his "human" form is very androgynous in appearance.

Date of birth: n/a (for now?)

Race: Kalh'yc (pronounced "call-uh-[pause]-eek")

Hundreds, scattered about one of the sphere-like protrusions from the
central body, colored in various shades and tones between red and

Apparent eyes: Magenta/red heterochromia.

Hair: n/a (for now?)

Apparent hair: Straight, almost smooth blueish hair reaching the shoulders, with an almost flame-like "crown" of golden-orange hair.

Weight: Approximately 1.5 tons.

Apparent weight: Approximately 140 lbs.

Silvery around the main "stalk", though blurring smoothly into a
blue-green foggy tone around the protrusions, and blurring equally
smoothly into an equally foggy golden-reddish tone along the arms and

Apparent skin: Ordinary pale Caucasian skin tone. Nothing out of the ordinary for an Anime-class universe.

Physical build: Elathry'rhn's body mainly consists of a
somewhat-concave pillar with five large, sphere-like nodes branching
from it in various places. At the top of the pillar sits a single
sphere, from which seven arm-like appendages, each with 8 tendril-like
fingers, branch outward. Towards the middle is a slightly smaller sphere
covered in hundreds of eyes and mouths. This sphere occasionally passes
through the central pillar and emerges on a different side. Slightly
lower rests another sphere, this one yet smaller. Extending from this
appears to be eleven tail-like appendages that coil about each other and
the pillar. When threatened, the tails branch out and spread a network
of durable, thorn-coated threads between each other, as a sort of
defense system. Below that, near the bottom, rests another sphere. This
sphere produces a sort of dimensional pocket that Elathry'rhn uses to
store goods. It is unknown whether this sphere is actually an organ, or
just an artifact that Elathry'rhn carries around. The final sphere, at
the bottom of the pillar, has three long, thick, insectoid legs that
form a tripod of sorts beneath the kalh'yc.

Apparent physical build: Average anime build for whatever age/gender he happens to be at the time.

Likes: Music,
especially on the piano. It reminds Elathry'rhn, somehow, of the
eldritch realm that he (a misnomer, but we only have 2 gender-pronoun
types (hermaphroditic pronouns withstanding) and neither (or none, take
your pick) would be really accurate, but I don't want to trick people
into thinking my 7-foot tall abomination is a teenage girl (though that
WOULD be hilarious)) came from.

Dislikes: Plants, especially
trees and flowers, resemble corpses of kalh'yc. Flowers resemble the
corpses of young children. Thus, Elathry'rhn absolutely detests the
human tradition of displaying happily what he sees as dead babies.

Dorm: Pulsating Sword

Allignment:True Neutral

Elathry'rhn's goals are, in his own eyes, for the sake of the order of
the universe, however they appear to be complete chaos to most outside
viewers. As such, the entire middle row of the alignment grid (Lawful
Neutral, True Neutral, and Chaotic Neutral) would be fitting, thus True Neutral would be the best descriptor.

Elathry'rhn, like many other kalh'yc, was sent into a universe by his
presiding aln (pronounced how it looks) (nigh-immortal being made from
the fundamental natures of concepts) to bring that aln's view of order
about. However, Elathry'rhn's aln, Ylthaern (pronounced
"eel-tuh-ah-ear-n"), was having a sort of contest with fellow aln
Nyroswoad (pronounced "near-oh-swoah-odd"). The two agreed to send out
their next five kalh'yc each without special powers beyond those natural
to the physical and neuropsychic structures of the kalh'yc species.
Thus, the kalh'yc would have to train in the ways of their target
universes, rather than simply reshaping reality through extracosmic
powers. The universe to which Elathry'rhn was to be sent placed a high
value on a certain children's card game. Thus, in order to prepare its
kalh'yc for his task, Ylthaern transported him to a dojo dedicated to
teaching people the ways of this card game, with nothing but his natural
resources, a deck of the playing cards, and a miniature thermonuclear
detonator (for emergency and/or medicinal usage only).

At first, none is clearly visible, though Elathry'rhn seems to be
somewhat of a gentleman, though a bit awkward around all of these odd
sentients with only four limbs and two eyes.

Favorite Card: n/a (for now)

Awards: n/a (for now)

Deck Recipies: Elemental Dragons, Vylons, Worms, Assault Mode

Status: n/a (for now)

Recent Character development: n/a (for now)

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"Gotta watch out for everything around us, for the world is corrupt... So I'll take over the world! And somehow that will make it less corrupted. I know this because I am something between a protagonist and an antagonist. Oh man."


2 Re: ParallelNebulae = Elathry'rhn yc'Ylthaern on Wed Feb 27, 2013 1:07 am


approved. Made a minor tweak on alignment to make it clear. your set to go.

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