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The Original Tournament (GP and a whole other challenge! Click here!)

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Warning: those of you who like keeping your deck recipe private, this challenge doesn't allow for that like ours does. See their rules for more. You have been warned.

This academy system for our Kanto Challenge was based on, and made with the permission and co-opperation the Pokemon Leauge and the Elite Four on Dueling Network Forums.

We have an extension program set up with them, for every gym badge you get in their league, record it in their thread with a note saying DTD extension. We will give you 20 GP per badge and an invite to the grand championship (our tourny where you can win real cards) if you manage to beat the whole thing.

Please play in their system while your waiting to advance in ours. More options, more fun. Goodluck.

Make sure to number how many badges you get with each recorded win AS WELL AS WRITE DTD EXTENSION UNDER YOUR BADGE CLAIM SO YOU CAN RECEIVE YOUR 20 GP

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