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List of Rewards from Gym Leaders and Elite Four

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First gyms reward: Rekindling (for RP card library), Flare Badge

Second Gyms Reward: Catapult Zone (for RP card library),Chaos Badge

Third Gyms Reward: Penguin solider (for RP card library), EX Badge

Fourth Gyms Reward: Effect Veiler (for RP card library), Prophetic Magicians Badge

Fifth Gyms Reward: Grandmaster Hanzo (for RP card library)

Sixth Gyms Reward: Swamp Frog (for RP card library), Gold card (for players who have already been Champion), Croak Badge

Seventh Gyms Reward: Honest (for RP card library), Constellation Badge

Eight Gyms Reward: Tour Guide of the underworld x2 (for RP card library), Platinum Card (not for players who have already been champion), Death's Embrace Badge

Elite Four #1 6sam: colossal fighter (for RP card library)

Elite Four #2 FireFist: Ally of Justice, castor (for RP card library)

Elite Four #3 Evil Swarm: Dark Armed Dragon (for RP card library)

Elite Four #4 Chaos Dragons: Black Luster Solider, Envoy of the Beginning (Card for RP library)

Champion: Any Item in the shop of your choosing (Obtain automatically if you are Kanto's First Champion OR a booster lot of 75 booster packs), 10 Booster Packs of what type you selected in Oak's Lab at the start of the Pokemon League, any (exception, God Cards) card you want for your RP card library (if this is your first time becoming champion of this region).

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