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List of elite four (in order), rules for facing the elite four

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You must face the elite four in order.

1) Six Samurai Master: vueboi

2) Fire Fist Master: ParallelNebulae

3) Evilswarm Master: FamiliarSpirit

4) Chaos Dragon Master: Paulo64

Current Champion: None

Rules for facing the elite four

-Must have earned all 8 badges in Kanto.

-Must play the elite four in order, and sweep them.

-If there is a champion, you must beat him too.

-Once you have played the first member of the Elite Four you must play every following game with the same deck until you lose or become the champion.

-If you beat the elite four's challenge, you become the new champion. You will then defend your title as long as you possibly can.

-If you lose your champions title, you may sell your badges for 1000 GP and start over again. Or you can keep them as a memento. (Only applies to Ex Champions)

-The First 8 champions will become the Gym leaders of Johto.

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