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Hello everybody i dnmn12 will be making videos of myself and sombody else dueling while explaining our moves. This will be elpfull because everybody wants to disect what your opponent does this is the vedeo for the first two weeks. For the next video i am accepting applicants to join me for the next duel
A working mic
Dueling Network
A fairly paced deck

My skype is dnmn494 please feel free to contact me there or contact me on pm on the dtd

Now without further ado here is the first instructional video ENJOY Smile

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Questions, reply here for credit.

Please make your responses 3-4 sentences per question for full credit. Full credit is 10 GP per question, up to 30 GP for this lesson.

1) What was the turning point of the game in your opinion? Why?

2) What were some of the differences between the decks, from what you can see? How are they simular how do they vary?

3) What card in what turn do you think could have changed the course of the game?

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1. The obvious turning point in the game was when Test3rd3ck started to wipe out DNMN's hand. It left Dnmn with limited options and easily forced a win for t3st. T3st continued to keep using cards slowly without using up his own hand which could cost in a tie or a loss. When Dnmn did have an option, T3st had wall cards and stopped them from happening. He played smart by keeping some cards in his hand, lucky enough to avoid the Heavy Storm.

2. Dnmn's deck was about getting certain cards to the hand to pull off great combos and skills. His deck was full of walls, which would annoy opponents. On the other hand, T3st, had a different deck. His deck was of summoning powerful fiend monsters from XYZ and eliminating the opponent. His deck had protector cards to protect him powerful monsters so they could strike. With a deck that summons powerful monsters, has support to keep them in the field and cards that rid opponent's hand, there is an unlikely chance of winning.

3. At minute 6:46, when Dnmn tried to XYZ summon, but t3st activated horn and destroyed it, leaving him with no other options. If Dnmn successfully XYZ summoned, he would have more defence to get a new hand and come back into the game. Once Dnmn had lost the XYZ, he couldn't have made a comeback unless it is luck!

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1. I think the turning point was when t3 summoned Zenmaines. It’s a pretty decent card, and with the lack of cards in his hand from dmn’s first move , which consumed a lot of his hand he was strapped for the cards he needed. If it weren’t for Zenmaines then Trance Archfiend might have gotten a bit further.

2. The obvious one is that they were both fiend decks, although I felt that t3’s was more tailored toward getting monsters out from the extra deck. I get the impression that t3 was getting the defence out with Gachi and Zenmaines, although they were probably just staples

3. Two things:
a) Penguin Soldier. It could have been used the turn after Zenmaines was summoned to return it to the hand. This would have been good considering Tour Guide is semi-limited. With Tour Guide in the graveyard there probably would have been no other way to easily summon Zenmaines, considering how so many people solely rely on Tour Guide. Then Trance Archfiend, if it had been left alone and hadn't attacked until Heavy Storm was activated, dmn would have gained momentum from there.
b) Remember, dmn tried to summon Zenmaines, so maybe if it weren't for black hornor if he had activated, or had a dark bribe (Not Trap jammer because of the lack of cards), he could have given t3 a taste of his own medicine.

EDIT Seems I misinterpreted Question 3, but well, I'm satisfied with the answer anyway.

The following is just a very simple note that is a no-brainer, but I might as well put it in anyway.

Black Horn of Heaven was used to negate the summoning of an xyz Gachi, not the summoning of Giant germ. This was clever because if the XYZ monster is summoned it won’t have any materials, while if black horn was used once giant germ was summoned, then it could have been summoned later with materials.

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1) In my opinion, dnmn12 never really looked like winning. His first mistake was setting backrow before using Snipe Hunter's effect, creating a target for t3's MST and thus allowing t3 to plus. Secondly, he said that he's sure that t3's set monster is either a Germ or a Resonator, in which case he should have targeted the facedown monster instead of the backrow. Next turn, t3 improved his hand with allure and established solid field control, effectively shutting his opponent out of the game. The closest dnmn12 got to staging a comeback was his summoning of Zenamaines, which was a good idea in theory, but unfortunately t3 had the resources to deal with it.

2) t3's deck seems to have been built with the extra deck in mind, complete with both a rank 2 and rank 3 engine. On the other hand, dnmn12's deck has seemingly been built without relying heavily on the extra. We can see this by looking at the 13 card extra with 2 zenmaines, 2 leviair, 2 Black Rose Dragon and no Gaia Knight, Force of the Earth.

3) If dnmn12's D Prison had not been destroyed, he could have used it to banish Zenmaines without minusing trying to get rid of it. Also, if he had drawn Heavy Storm earlier in the game, it could have saved his monsters. By the time he drew it, it was no longer a relevant card, seeing as t3 had 2 monsters on the field and dnmn12 had no cards whatsoever. Had he drawn a mirror force instead, he may have been able to come back.

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Will this be updated?

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