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Meta Class Part 2

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1 Meta Class Part 2 on Tue May 28, 2013 4:09 am



Okay this deck is just really a pain. It can protect its cards from spells and traps and can make its own Big Eye and prevents lvl 5 or higher monsters to be SSed.
Additionally this deck counter E-drags due to its XYZ Ophion.

Common misplays for this deck would be trying to activate Pandemic (their shield spell) in Dmg Step. This is because it is a quick play spell. Also using Infestation Trap on Ophion to search for another Evilswarm. You can't do this because of the fact the card states the card bounced to deck has to go to the MAIN deck.

Best way to defeat this deck is to Eliminate their way to use their effects.

Finally Spellbooks

Everyone thinks this deck is horrible to go against. Out of the big three this one is in my personal opinion the least worry some of them. The only problem is its a toolbox and can basically grab anything it wants from the deck.

Common misplays for this deck. Player A uses Spellbook of power on Priestess Player B uses Shrink on Player A's Priestess Player A responds with Spellbook of wisdom then attack and when priestess destroys a monster Player A searches. The reason this is illegal is because spellbook of wisdom wiped away the effect of spellbook of power.

Best way to defeat this deck is to Eliminate their ability to add from their deck.

The questions from today's class are:

Name three cards to help stop E-Drags

Name three cards to help stop Evilswam

Name three cards to help stop Phrophecy

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2 Re: Meta Class Part 2 on Tue May 28, 2013 3:21 pm

! Michael

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E-Dragons: From my deck cards to stop E-Dragons are Kristya - Reason: Stops special summons and if grave is managed right can keep on returning.
Creature swap: Good tech against their XYZ monsters Using their effects against themselves.
And a card that I side: Electric Virus: Allowing me to take control of Dragon monsters practically giving me options of any monsters they summon.

Those are just using cards that I use: Other cards to stop E-Dragons would be Mind Drain to stop the majority of their effects (hand)
Imperial Iron rule to further lock their deck.
I would also chuck in a Maxx C either slowing them down or giving you a hand advantage.

Evilswarm: Shadow Imprisonment mirror - Negate dark effects.
Metaion, The Timelord: Good way to clear the field from Orphion
Rivalry of warlords: Evilswarm is filled with several types of monsters.

Phrophecy: Thunder King Rai-Oh
Macro Cosmos

All self explanatory.

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Explain to me how debunk would help against spellbooks minus Priestess summoning please?

4 Re: Meta Class Part 2 on Tue May 28, 2013 8:33 pm

! Michael

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I like it because it has the capability of negating spellbooks prize monsters summoning and as an added bonus banishes it, it isn't all that consistent but was just the idea of shutting down the deck. Would be more situation, a couple of the spellbook monsters do have grave effects though, so not completely inconsistent.

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5 Re: Meta Class Part 2 on Wed May 29, 2013 6:44 am


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vs E Drags:

Mind Drain
Soul Drain
Gozen Match

vs Evilswarm

Rivalry of Warlords
Genex Ally Duradark
Snowman Eater

vs Prophecy

Eradicator Epidemic Virus
Thunder King Rai-Oh
Mind Crush

Btw Kells, regarding your point about Power -> CED -> Wisdom; upon the activation of Wisdom, Player A has to call either Spells or Traps. Obviously to stop CED s/he would have to call traps, and s/he could then search for Power because Power is a spell.

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6 Re: Meta Class Part 2 on Wed May 29, 2013 2:48 pm


Yeah I just realized that. Sorry I am making more mistakes than usual

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