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This deck makes no sence at all! I still win a lot

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Monsters (lvls 1-4):
apprentice magicianx3
breaker the magical warriorx2
defender the magical knightx1
old vindictive magicianx1
skilled dark magicianx2
flamvell magicianx1
scrap beastx1
meklord emperor wiselx1
spirit reaperx1
summoner monkx1
morphing jarx1
morphing jar #2x1

Monsters (lvl 5 and up):
guardian sphinx x2
sorcerer of dark magic x1
dark magician girl x1
dark magician x1
chaos command magician x1
chaos sorcerer x1
patrician of darkness x1

card trader x1
dark hole x1
heavy storm x1
kaiser colosseum x1
lightning vortex x1
mage power x1
monster reborn x1
question x1
recycle x1
secret village of the spellcasters x2
sword of revealing light x1

call of haunted x1
divine wrath x1
draining shield x1
magician's circle x1
mirror force x1
ordeal of the traveler x1
scrap-iron scarecrow x1
seven tools of the bandit x1
solemn wishes x1
starlight road x1
wall of revealing light x1

colossal fighter x1
explosive magician x1
flamvell uruquizas x1
light end dragon x1
red dragon archfiend x1
stardust dragon x1
t.g. hyper librarian x1
tempest magician x1
wind-up zenmaister x1

I don't know how this deck wins at all, can anyone explain it to me?

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People must use decks which make less sense


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Build it irl and take it to locals / a YCS. People on DN are notoriously bad.

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