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SarahOtanashi/PrincessLunatrice Intrduction

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1SarahOtanashi/PrincessLunatrice Intrduction Empty SarahOtanashi/PrincessLunatrice Intrduction on Thu Dec 20, 2012 11:28 pm


Hiya everyone! My name is Lunatrice yes that is my real name! Im the newest member of this dorm. Ive been dueling off and on since YGO was created. It's been a long jorney for me but I have made lots of freinds, and lots of enemies as well! Im a fun loving duelist and sweet girl but please know what you are doing a little I promise to help you out if ya ever need it. I am what you would call a pro deck builder and love to build decks for myself and others in my spare time so If ya need a deck im willing to help you out. Please leave me a message as I would love to get to know everyone here and be your freind! Happy dueling and lots of love.
Princess Lunatrice aka SarahOtanashi


Good to have you Luna, sounds like you'll be a big asset to the academy. Feel free to use that knowledge to help others in deck constructor and the tutorial center. Welcome to the dorm!

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