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The Students arrive at the Dojo (Campaign)

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(OOC: What is Ojama Red Delivering to Holden? If me and Dnmn12 get together and organized sooner we'll improvise.)

Red and Kefa Hurriedly snuck inside the kitchen. Crouching even though no one was around.

Reds heart was fluttering fast, but he was completely resigned to taking this chance now. He looked up to see an 5 foot cake decorated with all sorts of duel monster and famous duelists scatted about the cake… getting this out the door undamaged was going to be near impossible. Luckily Kefa found a trolley and help Red set the cake on it and wheel it out the door (only brushing off the top sculpture of the Blue Eyes White Dragon on the threshold of the doorway.

Five minutes later Red and Kefa were merrily rolling their way back to the Infected Dorm. They hadn’t seen any security, and given the size of the campus it made sense that they couldn’t be everywhere at once. All they needed was a 15 minute leeway to go unseen. Red exhaled “You know… I was pretty sure I was going to get expelled. But now… I think we might have pulled it off.” He was now becoming giddy. I think everything is going to be absolutely…” The trolley hit a rock and the cake smashed all over the blacktop. “Dead.” Finished Red “Absolutely dead.”

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(OOC: Next up, Holden and Daniel do their chapter in the Velvet room. I'll be doing Kefa/choases in parts spread throughout the campaign.)

Holden now strolled up to where Red and Kefa were, laying above the cakes crushed remains. Red was speachless with a blank expression that did not express the pure and unbridled dread his gut contained. Just when he realized the best course of action was to run, Holden's footsteps caught his attention. They breifly made eye contact.


A cacophony of loud buzzing noises rang through the heads of Red, Holden, Kefa, (and Daniel just as Mister Walrus and Mr Dinosaur had found the raft they needed to cross the ocean [Bathtub]). The 4 boys collapsed to their knees. Red's head felt as if were going to split open, and then, strangely enough it did. Or at least that's what it felt like. Followed by the sensation of being unraveled like a string that was increasing speed exponentially. Red blacked out.

Waking as if being dropped from consciousness he found himself floating with Holden, Kefa, and Daniel, with what appeared to be 3 distinctly different colors of snot with eyes and oddly patterned underwear (Where had he seen them before?) and a plastic dinosaur.

Next to Kefa was... a second Kefa... what the hell was going on. Before Red had any time to contemplate further on his sanity gravity kicked in and the group began to fall. All except for one of the Kefa's who remained silent and Daniel, who was screaming more out of delight and excitement. Blinding flashes of light Crashed around them. With each flash came voices.

"The Arcana" "The Arcana" "Social links" "bonds with others" "Wielders of persona" "The Clow is coming" "You must stop her" "Please help" "Help" "Help us"

They stopped falling instantaneously, they now stood in a meadow overlooking a waterfall.

"We are guardians of the spirits dimension. We protect the sanctity of the spirit dimension."

Another voice "But there is one corrupting influence that would take our rule away, that would tear open space time to meet her own ends."

"Without our order there will be no distinction between spirit and tangible. There will be no safe heaven for mankind or the beasts."

"We do not wish this world to be consumed by the shadows of our light. We wish to protect mankind."

"But we cannot. We can only give it the power to protect itself."

"We give you the power of the social links. We title you of the original Arcana. Warriors selected for your ties to representation of the spirit."

Cards now appeared in front of them.

Red’s contained a symbol of a lighting bolt. “Thunder Arcana you’re path is chosen.”

In front of Daniel and his odd trailing snot, a picture of a ripple “Water Arcana. Your path is chosen.”

Then in Front of Daniel, his card appeared in a burst of flame. “Fire Arcana. Your path is chosen.”

Finally two cards appeared in front of the twin Kefa’s “Jester and Hunger. Your path is chosen. But it is not yet set.”

The cards then floated into their bodies and became ethereal. “You’re power is still weak now. If you wish to survive what lies ahead, you will need to harness these powers. With enough strength it is possible to stop the darkness, or control it. This is all we can do for you Mankind. Original Arcana, spread your power so that it may be unleashed to the world, like it was before the great seal. We now send you to the guide, he will tell you of your power.”

Falling again. Screaming again. Crash.

Reds Trip to the Velvet Room

Red picked himself off what appeared to be a blue field. Around him a whole other world with towns and villages and people and… bizarre looking creatures wandered. He could feel them all. He felt connected to them somehow. The blue mountain caught his eye and he could feel himself (ethereal again) being pulled to the top by what seemed a gust of wind. There at the top was a man with a long nose sitting at a table precariously positioned.

The Students arrive at the Dojo (Campaign) - Page 3 235397dz

“Welcome to the velvet room.” He said gesturing to a seat.

“This doesn’t really look like a room to me.” Said Red looking out at the vast landscape.

“Oh but you see it is. The room takes forum depending on the soul of it’s visitor.”

Red laughed. “I grew up in a suburb. I’ve never even imagined a place like this.” As he said this he felt a twinge of pain… and something like… homesickness?

“Allow me to introduce myself, I am Igor, I will be your guide when you visit this soul room. Our souls are not what we consciously perceive. This world you exist in, it is very unstable and things leak in and out all the time. No doubt the manifestation of this room is a reflection of that.”

Red Suppressed his feelings and curiosity about this place. So far as he was concerned this was some sort of stress induced nightmare.

“Alright then. Lets cut to the chase. Why am I here?”

Igor raised his eyebrows. “If you do not understand by what the creatures of the light told you, there is little I can do to explain.”

Maybe Red had come across as a little rude to the long nosed man.

“Alright. Lets start with this, Social links, Arcana. What does that mean?”

“Social links are your ties to others, they grant their users power, but to use them you must posses the power of the Arcana. You’re Arcana is thunder, it is a form of fortune telling, to some extent you belong to the light and energy. It reveals things about you that you would otherwise be unaware of. If you have any more questions child, now would be a good time, as you are waking up in your world and cannot remain in this plain much longer.”

Red almost walked away… but what if this wasn’t just a bad dream. The information would be important.

“You said that these powers, our arcana wasn’t strong enough yet. How are we supposed to beat whatever is coming?”

Igor seemed delighted at this question and leaned in closer. “You are weak because you are singular. You have always been a loner, repressing your true nature.”

As Red was going to deny it Igor interrupted “Is that really what you think? I can see into your soul, it is not befitting to lie.”

Red closed his mouth.

“It is only by strengths your ties to others that you will be able to claim the power you will need on your journey. You must learn to trust, Red, rely on another other then yourself. This may be the only path for redemption for you and them.”

“Whose them?”

“Our time is up I’m afraid.”

And with that Red felt as though he was sucked back into his own head at breakneck speeds. Away from the blue landscape back through the swirling flashes of light. To a collapsed body on the ground and a man (The head of CP! The man Red had seen after he got off the bus) Lying next to him was Holden and Kefa who were also starting to get up.
The leader of CP spoke “My oh my? Did you enjoy your nap? Good. Maybe you can sleep on the bus taking you back home.” Red’s heart sank.

Edit: you have NPC control over Igor, Elizabeth, Margret or any custom attendent you make. Keep in mind the velvet room exists outside time and space so it's hard to make contradictions in the timeline. Whereas it might ruin some stories if margret and elizabeth were in a scene together, not so with a room that exists outside time and space.

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Daniel`s trip to the velvet room
Daniel woke up sitting in a balcony seat at a theater. The Ojama brothers stuck in the cup holders around him,(Red and Blue are nowhere to be seen, presumably they ran off with Mr. Walrus) and Mr. Dinosaur in Daniel`s Lap (while Black and Yellow were stuck in the cup holders, Green managed to find his way inside the dinosaur`s mouth). Daniel pulled Green out of Mr. Dinosaur and wiped the snot off of his shirt (whoever arranged this seat was kind enough to plant a box of tissues next to the cup holder) just in time to see the curtains open.

Standing in the center of the arena was a tall, slim man in a black cape and suit. He wore a large top hat on his head, and carried a small wand. Daniel took a look at the hat, then recoiled in awe: that was HIS hat. To the side, there was a small man- who kind of reminded Daniel of one of the clowns...

"Binky? Is that you...?"

"No, kid. I`m Igor. I`m the master of the Velvet Room."

"But theaters aren`t made of velvet!"

Igor, seeing the kid not quite grasp the idea, uttered a response:

"Look, maybe my friend here can tell you more.....I guess you know him...."

Daniel looked over to the man wearing his hat.... "Master?"

(Daniel`s master is only alive in this world. Basically, The Magician explains the velvet room to Daniel and Daniel tells him about the note he got)

"Master, I`m scared....the Clou are mean and scary people....."
"Do not worry, my son. If you enter your state of dueling, you will be fine..."
"But the state scares me MORE than the Clou! I get all mean and don`t even like candy!"
"Do what you must, my son. But remember the spirit when you need it...."

The room vanishes and Daniel awoke in the bathroom, with Mr. Walrus and Mr. Dinosaur floating in the tub. Ojama Red and Blue were staring at him.

"Boss, what just happened? You missed Battle Ponies!"
"You guys have no idea, nor would you understand.... was it a rerun?"

The Students arrive at the Dojo (Campaign) - Page 3 Crim_b11
Nothing great in this world is meant to stay. R.I.P my cat Mason.

"Think past the old tales. They are but stories created by your forefathers to explain our departure. Kernels of truth exist within them, yes, but buried within a field of deceptions."

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Holden opened his eyes to find himself in a room with windows surrounding it but outside the windows all he can see was fog. Then he heard a voice. Welcome to the velvet room you must be very special to be invited here. He looked to the right using his parifiral vision he saw his brother which had been dead for about a year now his name was ally he started tearing trying to look away because he cant be there it had to be an illusion but after looking to his left he saw his little sister pheobe there were a bunch of toys from when he was little in this mysterious purple foggy room this was my dream room. I looked to see the ugliest thing ive seen scince i have seen the ojamas. Igor he said his name was... Igor read holdens future and said you have a bright but dangerous future ahaid of you.... seemed like i was getting a lesson from my damn mom after i heard that... well holden said this visit was very nice but i have to get going. He said that i dont feel like seeing mr pinokio and a couple of illusions to try to make me cry see ya... in truth holden was terrified didnt know what was going on. and this has only been his second night in the academy what the hell is next.

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Kefa and Chaos Trip to the Velvet Room (part one)

When Chaos and Kefa, hit the ground, it was with a splash. Raising himself out of the water, he took a moment to survey his surrounds.

"Why are we in a blue swamp?" He asked Chaos who was now in a separate version of his body and standing.

"This isn't a swamp boy, it's a very ancient and sacred place." He could see that Kefa was about to ask more questions so to silence him the said "Think of it as a fortune tellers shop. We're here to see what path our souls will take."

"Is that so Hunger?" Said a woman stepping out from a decrepit swamp house.

The Students arrive at the Dojo (Campaign) - Page 3 Elizabeth__persona__signature__by_flyingginger-d5i0dpq

"Chaos?" asked Kefa "why did that lady call you hunger? Whats going on?"

Chaos pushed Kefa (who was now on his feet) into the swamps muddy water. "You ask too many questions boy. Learn your place."

"I'm sorry Master." Said Kefa, before silencing himself.

"It's been too long elizabeth..." Chaos bowed. "Hows the fortune teller?"

"Eternal." Said elizabeth flatly. "Some of us are, some of us aren't."

"And I told you all those years ago, that there is no differnce between us." He was now mere inches from her face.

"Yes, I see you're still alive, and with a new body?" She glanced over at Kefa who was now getting to his feet again.

"Yes..." lingered Chaos "The boy is a bit of a hinderence."

"You know time has no meaning in this room. How long has it been for you in the outside?"

"2 centuries." Said Chaos with some pride.

"You could live 2 millennia and it still would not you one step closer to your goal."

"Ha! You're one to talk about imposible goals." Snickered Chaos.

"Oh? Something about my future self? My dear Ex-Dommo, you know the rules of this room.

"Yes yes" said Chaos, somewhat boerd now. "I'm ready now. Take me to the fortune teller."

The door on the rickety swamp house closed. And Kefa was alone. Being alone, and unseen by Chaos, he began to do what he couldn't for a long time. He layed down in the mud and cried. Till he heard footsteps approaching and looked up to see another beautiful woman.


The Students arrive at the Dojo (Campaign) - Page 3 Margaret%2Bpersona%2B4

"Now is not the time to cry Jester." She said, "You are late to meet him." She extended a hand which Kefa took.

The Students arrive at the Dojo (Campaign) - Page 3 12Qzu

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Red, Kefa, and Holden were taken to the main facility by the Cursed Pride leader. After reaching what must normally be a waiting room for parents and applicants, but now felt like a jail cell, they were seperated and isolated. Each brought in one by one to give testimony.

Red's turn was very unpleasent.

"So you're telling me?" said Cursed Prides Leader, "That some of my BEST students, physically assualted you and this boy, and kicked you out of the dorms."

"That's correct sir." Said Red meekly.

"And that." Continued CP's leader "You were offered a place to stay by a 'strange child' if you stole the welcoming ceremony cake--which is completely ruined by the way!"

"Yes sir." Said Red, but this was a bad move as he noticed he had interrupted and the anger CP's leader was going to put into his words instead transfered to his cold stare.

"Red. Let me tell you a little something I tell all my students. Power is everything."

This shocked Red, what exactly did this man mean?

"You must have a spark of it too, otherwise there is no way you could have tested into my dorm. Now, lets suppose your story about Borin and the others is true. What right have you to complain? You lost. When you lose in nature, things are taken from you, in this case it was your room, and your ID pass."

Red inturupted again "I never said anything about my ID pass sir." The pieces lined up.

"Didn't you? See heres the problem with your statement. You have no proof. You have your own memory, you have your own word versus mine. Simularly, you have no proof that Borin and his friends stabbed that young man. As far as I'm concerned, you're just 2 very forgetful kids who have a penchant for pranks that will get you kicked out of this academy."

So... he was going home.

"With Headmaster Hina absent for the rest of the week, authority to expell students and handle internal matters falls on myself and the other dorm heads. Therefore I--"

The door opened. Reds mouth fell open with shock as a small figure walked in (Daniel?!)

And another woman he had never seen before (Also wearing a special badge like daniels)

"Red" said the CP leader. "Will you excuse us for a minute?"

Red left the room with a backwards glance to Daniel.

(OOC: Dengaku you can name the CP and PS leader, have a scene where you won't allow us to be expelled.)

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Daniel stared at the two heads, shuffling his feet uncomfortably. He wasn`t sure what to do. After all, they WERE his friends. He should let them go. But....they didn't give him the cake! Daniel sensed some evil in one of them! AND THEY DID NOT GIVE HIM ANY CANDY!

Suddenly, Ojama Blue appeared next to him, accompanied by Ojama Red.

"Kick them out, boss! There`s only room for 1 Red in the group!"
Blue chimed in, "Yeah! What Red said!"

Daniel wanted to follow the orders of his Ojama friends, but it seemed weird to base his opinions on thong-wearing creature`s opinions. The other brothers soon appeared to give their opinions.

"Boss! Cut the silence! The heads are waiting for you!"
"Yeah, hurry up! Don`t keep Blue and Me waiting!"
"Don`t listen to them, boss. Help your friends!"

"SHUT UP!" Daniel yelled. "I`ve had enough of your talking! Red, if you want to tell me what to do, tell me to do what I want. I`m done obeying my spirits."

The CP and PS heads stared at the kid in confusion. Why does he talk to himself? Perhaps he fell out of that circus caravan on his head.....but if that was true, how did he get to be a dorm leader like the great CP head?

"My god, the kid`s acting mental again. Sometimes I wish we could send him to the mental ward or an orphanage. I have the number if we need it...."

"Be quiet Graham! (I named the CP leader Graham, for reasons only I will know, unless someone asks) We don`t know what he's doing, yes. But Hina put him with us for a reason. Maybe his mentality is that reason. "

"Fine, Amber (PS Head, again named for my own reasons), protect the kid. But as soon as I can beat that kid in a duel, he's going out of here."

Daniel stared up at the arguing adults, his guardians. He knew they would never understand him. It`s a good thing Hina-Chan did.....

But Daniel had made his decision. He wanted to help his friends, even the evil one. What were friends for?

"Mr. Graham, Ms. Amber, I want to help them. Get them out of the room and into my dorms for comfort."

"Are you mad, kid? They are criminals! They harassed MY student, and stole from the cafeteria! You must be utterly retarded, even for a kid of YOUR upbringing."

"But YOUR students attacked them...."

Without another word, Graham raised his hand and slapped Daniel across the face. Daniel`s eyes watered and started to bawl.

"You're so mean, Mr. Graham! I'm gonna tell Hina-Chan on you!"

Daniel ran into the room where Red and the others were being held. He was in tears, and it looked like Graham`s nails cut Daniel, because he was bleeding all over his Magician`s coat.

"Okay, you guys, you should leave. Go to my cabins and find a place. This may be....scary...if you stay."

Daniel reentered the hallway to Graham`s room, angry and crying. The Ojama brothers looked at him, knowing very well what he was going to do. A shadow loomed over Daniel, beckoning him...

"Boss, you can`t do this!"
"I have to, Green. He hurt my friends. NOBODY hurts my friends."

Daniel reentered the room with Graham and Amber. Graham stared at him snarkily.

"Well, the baby`s come crying back. What is it now, Magical Misfit?"

But Daniel didn't look helpless. He looked taller, stronger, and much angrier. Even the Ojamas were huddled in a corner. Daniel took a piece of black licorice form his pocket and swallowed it.

"I didn`t think you liked that stuff, you little retard."

"DANIEL didn`t. But I do....."

The Students arrive at the Dojo (Campaign) - Page 3 Crim_b11
Nothing great in this world is meant to stay. R.I.P my cat Mason.

"Think past the old tales. They are but stories created by your forefathers to explain our departure. Kernels of truth exist within them, yes, but buried within a field of deceptions."

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NOTE: This campaign has been discontinued to to the head of the RP (T3)`s unfortunante leave. If d2time would like to continue, fine by me.

The Students arrive at the Dojo (Campaign) - Page 3 Crim_b11
Nothing great in this world is meant to stay. R.I.P my cat Mason.

"Think past the old tales. They are but stories created by your forefathers to explain our departure. Kernels of truth exist within them, yes, but buried within a field of deceptions."

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