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Top 5 sidedeck cards for any deck:

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Siding is something that can separate professional players from beginners in tournament or matched play. If siding is done properly, you can eventually cripple a player’s deck or fend off cards that will cause you to lose games. This article will define a list of side deck cards for all the decks. Some cards will cripple your deck too. Only choose the ones that you think or know won’t hurt your deck. Your opponent might side, and this will cause you not to lose a significant advantage over your opponent. These 5 side deck cards are good for almost any deck.
General side deck cards for any deck:
1. Maxx “C”: Here’s a card that can help you prevent your opponent from wanting to special summon their monsters, every time your opponent special summons a monster you can draw 1 card. With certain decks this can give you a whole new hand as your opponent summons all his/her monsters. Some common decks to side against with this card would be but not limited to: Wind-ups, Infernities, Machine dark worlds and Atlantians and chaos dragons.
2. D.D. Crow: Very useful card against decks that focus on bringing cards back from their graveyard or decks that use graveyard as a support. This card can remove from play a target for monster reborn or a chaos monster you plan to remove to special summon it making the chaos monster a dead card. You can also use this against certain cards like Infernity Mirage. Overall this card has several uses and you should run 2-3 in almost every side deck except macro cosmos decks.
3. Effect Veiler: This is a good Side deck and main deck choice. This card can negate the effects of monsters that can cost you the game or cause you to get a one turn knockout. Usually you would want to main this but if you have no room for it then it would be wise to put at least 2 copies in side and if you main 2 I would side 1. This card is good in almost every deck as well except decks that rely on skill drain
4. Prohibition: This card can negate cards that use a combo that can beat you. You can use this against cards that can shut down your opponent’s deck if it relies on 1 card. Very versatile card and you should side this card against but not limited to: Infernities, wind-ups, Chaos drags, Machina, Dino rabbits, T.G., spellbook, six samurais and Karakuri decks also works well on negating exodia and final countdown.
5. Needle ceiling: This card is excellent at stopping one turn knockout decks and preventing your opponent from swarming the field. This card can devastate decks that can summon 4 monsters on turn one like wind ups and such. Since you don’t need to summon to activate effect, you can chain in response to mystical space typhoon. Some decks to consider siding this card in effectively are: Wind-ups, chaos drags, grave keepers, six samurai, blackwings, and Infernities.
These 5 cards are a must for any side deck. I recommend adding two copies of one to two other cards that would cripple a certain type deck but not your own deck. These cards can be chosen from: royal decree, skill drain, shadow imprisoning mirror. Macro cosmos, d. fissure, light imprisoning mirror, Gozen match, rivalry of warlords, and Imperial iron wall. Those are just some ideas on what a side deck should look like.
You should now have a general idea of what cards you could have in a side deck. For example here’s what I side for my six samurai deck: 2 prohibitions, 2 d. fissure, 3 effect veiler, 2 maxx “c” 2 d.d. crow, 3x rivalry of warlords, and 2 Mystical space typhoons.

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