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Apprenticeship Program

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Well I was just wondering if the members of SG (possibly even Admin or top ranked CP, but for first time purposes I'd like to start with SG) could have an apprenticeship program with willing members of of ID. The program could simply last from a week to whenever the practitioners/proteges feel as if they are ready. At the end of the program there should be a mandatory retest (from an impartial tester). If the program prepared protege excels and advances to a higher dorm the program will be a success. Since this is an academy it is my hope that every student can be confident enough in there dueling, deck building, and side decking ability that they will be able to skillfully duel anyone.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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We are actually reworking the tutorial center to do something very simular to your proposed program. However, as far as I know the staff is going to keep it's Quick Rush Retest pass at 200 GP, and the Retest pass at 500 GP.

Along with the prizes for a retest tourny this is the only way to get into a higher dorm currently in existence, and I would like to keep it that way for Game Design purposes.

(there is another way to get a retest pass coming up, related to leagues/rank, but as this is not published yet so that's all I can say for now)

If you feel very strongly about changing our Retest policy, please chat with me on DN, I'll be happy to listen to all your input and lay out why I would like to stick to my position.

Apprenticeship Program 12Qzu

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