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The class bell rings

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1The class bell rings Empty The class bell rings on Thu Feb 14, 2013 4:04 am


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Hello all students and staff the wait is almost over tomorrow at Midnight(Eastern time Us) the Dojo's classes will start. Here are the basic facts-

1. We have 4 teachers each teacher will have 2 weeks to post a topic on their subject(this way there will only be one posting teacher at a time), they then can give gp for posting or duel depending on who you have

2. Teachers/ Their subject- HAIRDO/ Discovering personal Duel Style, KellsBelles/ Rulings, RioKamishiro/ Deck Building, paulo64/ Practical. NOTE This is the order the teacher will have posting rights in even if they dont want/ need the 2 weeks

3. As I said I will post tomorrow then in 2 weeks we move on the dead lines will be in each post and another note you are free to take part or not

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