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Challenge Tournaments

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So. Now's the part where I'm expected to explain myself. So i guess the idea is maybe once a week or every other week or once a month or something we have a tournament of sorts, in which certain restrictions are in place. Like...No Heavy Storm, Warrior decks or Dragon type decks only. Something like that.
Alternately, in the hunting grounds we could post challenges with these restrictions, either as a special kind of challenge or in addition to what's already there.
Example post:

Challenge Match

A 2/3 Match, using Beast-Warrior type only decks. (or, for the sake of exapmle, pyro only or psychic get the idea)


Gamble Game: 10 GP

I'm betting 10 GP on a 2/3 match.
Conditions: Players cannot use "Solemn" Trap Cards.

I dunno, for some reason the idea of placing certain restrictions on duels really appeals to me. Kinda makes everyone involved think outside the box, use different moves than they normally would. Could be pretty cool, in my humble opinion.

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The "challenge match" you discribed already exists as a special challenge (special challenges were made to be broad, pretty much any restrictions you want)

I can't personally support allowing that for gamble games. Might allow someone to stack the odds in their favor. For right now, gamble games are acad tourny format.

Lastly, for the special tournaments. Don't worry, those are coming Smile. We just need to finish with the finals of opening and retest tournies. First one is going to be a Burn Tournament, so best of luck.

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Forgot to mention we'll also be adding a section (in HG or tournaments, haven't decided yet) where you can host daily tournaments with your academy friends and gain GP.

Challenge Tournaments 12Qzu

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