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Rulings 101

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Hello class, I hope you are ready to take some notes because today we going to go over some common ruling mistakes over popular cards.

We will first start with Fiendish Chain ( Generally this trap card is a common staple among high level duelists due to its ability to not only stop a monster from attacking, but to even weaken it further by negating it effect. Making an almost useless monster.
Not this card being as good as it is has one weakness. It only negates monster effects that activate on the field that it is equipped to. A very common rule that is easy enough to abuse. With cards such as Rescue Rabbit ( and Wind-Up Rabbit (, given it uses it effect on itself. Some of you may not understand how but it is rather simple. In order to activate any effect there is always a cost to such an effect you simply need to find it. The Rabbits certain effect activate when they pay the cost of banishing themselves thereby unequipped themselves allowing their effects to be used.
Next we will go with a spell card. Geartown ( wildly known as an easy summoning card for summoning Gear Drag. ( Now the most common mistake is that if I activate a field while it is in my possession for the easiest summon. This is incorrect however. Not totally wrong, but incorrect none the less.
Now the correct way to use this is to SET a field card. Destroying Geartown in the progress activating its effect. Getting Gear drag. and then being able to activate the field.
Finally to conclude the first lesson we shall talk about Grapha (,_Dragon_Lord_of_Dark_World) the obvious way to think on how to stop it would be shadow imprisoning mirror. However Grapha isn't stopped it can still summon itself to the field. The reason for this is that it isn't an effect it is a summoning condition making Grapha a true force to be reckoned with.

I hope this helps you guys. I will be posting a new lesson very soon.

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