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How does The Kanto Challenge work?

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1How does The Kanto Challenge work? Empty How does The Kanto Challenge work? on Mon Mar 18, 2013 7:32 am


Simple rules
-All battles are 2/3 games.

I want to take the kanto challenge. What do I do?

The first thing you do is make a reply to professor Oak's Lab in pallet town in which you select 1 of the 27 types/attributes that do not include the god cards (example: Thunder, water, beast, pyro, light...etc), make your message this as a reply in oaks lab.

This will give you 3 booster packs (coming soon) for your card library in the RP section (coming soon) as well as a free "social rank up" also for the RP section(coming soon).

Link to professor Oak's Lab:

Register your one starting deck for this challenge here:

Ok, I saw Professor Oak and received my RP bonuses for the type/attribute I picked. I also picked my starting deck. Now what do I do?

Next go challenge the first gym leader. Go to his gym and look at his requirements (they will be pinned and contain a list of trainers for the gym) The requirements will give you how many trainers from the gym you have to beat to face the gym leader. You can play any trainers on the list, so long as you beat them the quantity the gym leader requires.

Make a new thread and record your wins in it. Gym trainers and gym leaders will post their wins in your thread as well (some gym trainers may not be affilated with DTD and not want to recieve credit, and will not update the thread). If a gym trainer beats you, you must wait till the next day for a chance to challenge them again.

Once you have finished your requirements, you may then challenge a gym leader. If you lose against them, you will black out and have to wait 2 days before you can challenge them again.

If you beat the gym leader, they will give you a badge by copy and pasting it into your signature. They will also give you a card for your RP card library.

Whoever you're facing, remember to record screenshots. Gym Trainers, if you beat the challenger, remember to post in his/her thread to receive credit. Both challenger and Gym Trainer need either a screenshot or confirmation to receive their reward.

Whats blacking out? Whats a Gym trainer?
Blacking out is when a losing condition happens against an or elite four and you have to wait 1 day before you can challenge them again.

Players can be both a gym trainer, and a challenger. You may only be a gym trainer in one gym, and must use a deck centered around the type/attribute/theme of the gym you train at when fighting a challenger. Gym leaders receive 20 GP and Gym trainers are awarded 10 GP for win when beating a challenger at their gym. Even when a player is champion, they retain their status as a gym trainer.

I beat the first gym leader! Now what do I do?

Rinse and repeat for the next 7.


Go face the elite four. Make a new topic in their section and play through them in order. If you lose against one you will black out and have to restart from the beginning in a week. If you beat all the elite four, you then face the champion. If there is no champion, you become the champion. If you beat the champion, you become the new champion.

I'm champion! What now?

You receive your choice of item. Anything available in the shop. It's your choice.

You can also choose to receive 75 booster packs divided up however you want.

Defend your title for as long as you can.

...A challenger beat me. Now what?

If you were one of the first 8 champions, you will be given a gym when the next region launches. (you're gym will have to be based around a type/attribute/theme that was not picked for Kanto)

You may then sell your badges from your signature and restart the challenge if you'd like. Selling all your badges results in 1000 GP, but you must have been defeated as a champion to do this. Or keep the badges, kick back until 8 champions have reigned in Kanto, and wait for the next region to launch with your gym.

How does The Kanto Challenge work? 12Qzu

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