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Rival System and Rival Registration.

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At the beginning in Oaks lab you are allowed to choose a rival (you cannot select a rival after you have recieved your first badge, so make sure you've picked and had a first rival battle by then if you'd like to play with a rival). You're rival will also need to start their journey and list you as a rival. For every badge you are ahead of your opponent you will get to visit the gym leaders cafe which will give you 1) a randomized prize from a choice of 3 2) a randomized Gym Leader (or elite four member) who cannot use their Gym leader/elite four deck. If you beat them you get an additional prize.

You can find out more about the gym leader cafe here).

If your opponent closes the gap between you and has the same number of badges, he can challenge you for the prizes you've won at Gym Leader Cafe, or the opportunities you have collected and have not spent at the gym leader cafe.

Please always number and post your rival battles with the score in the gym leader cafe

First battle
When you and your rival confirm each other at professor oaks lab you will have one battle. The winner will receive a booster pack of their choice.

Middle battles
If you and your rival have the same number of gym badges you can challenge each other and the winner will receive a rare card (for RP card library) if you have closed the gap in badges the winner will receive the prizes won at the gym leader cafe.

Final Battle
Once one rival has reached the elite four there will be a final battle between you and your rival. The winner will receive any card they want (for RP card library).

Rival System and Rival Registration. 12Qzu

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