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Things To know about the gym leader Cafe

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The gym leader cafe is a substitute to your rival if your rival is not at the same gym as you are. For every gym that you break ahead of you rival by, you will have one battle at the gym leader cafe (optional). You will revive a prize just for chalanging a leader and another prize if you manage to beat them. If your rival catches up to you, you must compete and if the rival wins they will take the prizes you have WON, also the winning prizes you will receive from this cafe are rare cards that complement the attribute you picked at Professor oaks lab. Before EITHER of the rivals challenge the elite four you have to vs your rival one last time (no matter the gym placement of the other player)

Make a new post every time you use this service. A rival battle/gym leader cafe battle happens once per badge, before you are able to move onto the next gym leader (you may still fight trainers at the next gym). If your rival is in the same gym you got the badge in, you must fight him/her instead.

Also log your battles with your rival here.

(Edited) Rules:
Each win at a gym will earn you one cafe pass

You can use them at any time on any elite four member or gym leader
so long as they don't use the deck in the gym

If you win you get one booster pack of your choosing (to be traded in when library is open and after will be constant

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