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Meta Class Part 1

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1Meta Class Part 1 Empty Meta Class Part 1 on Tue May 28, 2013 4:08 am


Alright well lets have a little talk about the current heading Meta This is E - Drags, Evilswarm, and Prophecy.

First lets go with E - Drags (dragon rulers)

The main problem with this deck is its TCG and Its fast lvl 7s and rank 7s

They mainly rely on banishing monsters to summon other monsters or discard. Then they will either use dracosack or big eye.

They are definatly a deck not to underestimate.

Common misplays when playing this deck would be trying to use the same Dragon Ruler's Effect more than once per turn. Obviously if you read the card this is a misplay.
You also have people you will try and discard say Blaster and Tempest to get Blaster's effect to destroy. Again if you read carefully this is a misplay because it must be of the same Attribute to get the added effect. Blaster + Burner = Legal play.

Best way to defeat this deck is to Eliminate their banishing or summoning ability.

2Meta Class Part 1 Empty Re: Meta Class Part 1 on Tue May 28, 2013 7:24 am

!^-^! !Darcia! !^-^!

!^-^! !Darcia! !^-^!
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Thanks for the great insight kells i am sure this will help alot of us and just to add on your input, for those who come across E-Drags with light and darkness dragon do not be discouraged, its easily beatable if you know your way around it, it only has 4 negates and you can weaken it down till you have a monster that can attack it, you can waste its negates or you can make a chain, L&D dragon cannot negate in a chain =].

Some good anti card for E-Dragons are: Soul Drain, Imperial Iron Wall, Chaos hunter (good tech against it) and cards that prevent them from special summoning, there quite alot.

As for spellbook if your deck is capable you need cards like rai-oh, deck lockdown (this is a good side card against both E-dragons and spellbook) that stop them from adding cards from their deck to their hand and if you have 2500+ dark monsters it doesn't hurt to add eradicator epidemic virus.

Some other good cards are droll & lock bird, macro (only good against e-dragons) and jowgen the spiritualist if you run spellbook. =] HAPPY DUELING!

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3Meta Class Part 1 Empty Re: Meta Class Part 1 on Tue May 28, 2013 2:02 pm


I agree with Darcia`s sides, but I would like to add that Mind Drain, recently TCG released, is an excellent new addition to siding against E-Dragons.

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