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Update 2

How does DTD look now?

Update 2 I_vote_lcap18%Update 2 I_vote_rcap 18% [ 2 ]
Update 2 I_vote_lcap36%Update 2 I_vote_rcap 36% [ 4 ]
Update 2 I_vote_lcap18%Update 2 I_vote_rcap 18% [ 2 ]
Update 2 I_vote_lcap18%Update 2 I_vote_rcap 18% [ 2 ]
Update 2 I_vote_lcap9%Update 2 I_vote_rcap 9% [ 1 ]
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1Update 2 Empty Update 2 on Sat Sep 07, 2013 7:19 pm


GFX Designer
You may have noticed that drastic changes were made to DTD. Just like before, you can voice your suggestions by either PMing a staff member or posting below. Please be sure to vote in the poll as well.

[Currently, there is no content as this is still being written. In the meantime, you can comment on the visual details of the Dojo.]

New Features

Quick Search

The search box in the navigation bar has been replaced with a more efficient one. Whenever you are in the Index or in a Forum, you can simply type a letter and a search box will appear in the top-right corner of your screen. Please know that the search box will not display itself in any place where you can enter text, and you will not have access to the search function on mobile devices.

Modified Navbar

Yes, we modified the navigation bar again! Deal with it. The navigation bar has been modified to remove any useless links and the words have been modified (For example, Home is now Index).

Graphic Changes


The first thing you may notice is that the Dojo Index has been changed quite a bit. The Dojo has adopted a lighter color scheme that makes it easier to read content. Eventually forum pictures will be added making the site not as dark as it used to be.


Post layout has been completely redesigned. The most noticeable change is that posts now have rounded corners and have a lighter background.


Text Fields
In addition to most of the graphic changes above, changes were also made to various text fields. Text fields have been modified to fit the Dojo's dark color scheme. We will attempt to modify the text editor as well, although it is proving more difficult than it may seem.

Smiles Box
Also, most of the smiles have been removed, leaving the basic smiles remaining. This is to make it easier to select which smile you want to use and get rid of the ones that do not make sense.

Online Statistics
The online statistics box at the bottom of the Dojo Index has been modified.

Known Bugs

Known bugs include:

  • The navigation bar may display old links. If this happens, refresh the page.
  • The chatbox user control panel will sometimes change text color after you click on an option. The text has a dark purplish color and makes it hard to read it. [FIXED]
    If you have found any other bugs, please let any staff member know.

    This concludes Update 2. More information may be added eventually to this update so continue to watch this topic.

Update 2 TYbwMCR

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