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You know what grinds my machina fortress?

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1 You know what grinds my machina fortress? on Sun Dec 30, 2012 3:34 am


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Since no one's using this thread right now and my segments do count as entertainment, I'll start it far with something most people know.
You know what really grinds my machina fortress;Anime/Video Games turn live action movie.Three words...LET IT GO!!!I mean seriously,the only one they did right was mortal kombat,and thats it,they don't even do the second one right.The WHOLE point of the first one was so they had to win mortal kombat or team Outworld will get their 10 wins and conquer earth and they did win,but wait...somethings happening.Shao Khan still went to earth to conquer it and the elder gods let it slide,well shoot,why don't we just let troll run everyone over,as admins we cant interfere.
Second example(your gonna love this)Street Fighter:Legend of Chun Li.First off,I'm a chun li fan as much as the next one but the really,chun li,not Ryu,we get guile,now chun li but no ryu.And to add insult to injury(i don t know how they thought they could get away with it)they made chun li white,and to make it really funny,when they did a flashback of younger chun,she was a little Asian girl,but grew up to be a white girl....okay,do i need to say more?
Now for the big finale"drum roll"Dragonball Evolution.Actually,thats it,I'm sure you all know about this movie and the poor souls that did watch this.Everyone i knew told me to never ever touch this movie...ever.
Well thats it for this segment,and if you liked it,tell me and i'll continue doing them,or tell me it sucked so i won't do it again(need feedback cause it's long to do these and its pointless if people don't like them,plus I'm lazy as it is)

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