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Machina Geargia Deck (looking for decks/deck advice)

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I've been testing the deck for awhile now, and it's pretty consistent. I play the deck a little more aggressively than most geargia/ machina variant decks, which often throws my opponents off. My favorite part of the deck is that I can adjust for the deck that my opponent is playing quite easily, whether it be turn to a stall game in which I slowly deplete their resources and make a push for game, or a otk push against faster decks to ensure the otk doesn't happen to me. Without further ado here's the deck hope you enjoy Smile

3 x Geargia arsenal ( allows me to easily get out armor first turn to set up/ditch target for fortress)
3x Geargia Accelerator ( SSable from hand, easy xys/gigant plays)
3x Geargia armor (searcher of the deck for the geargia engine)
1x Geargiano (tech/ free geargia reborn)
3x Machina Gearframe (Machina searcher/ Protects fortress by union eff)
3x Machina Fortress (One boss monster of deck, amazing eff when targeted by card eff or destroyed by battle/ Big eye play if desperate)
1x Machina Canon ( Send to grave to reborn fortress)
2x Genex Ally Birdman ( Allows for black rose plays/ usually only leave in game one)
2x Gearspring Spirit ( Extra ditch to SS for Fortress, can SS if all machines in grave and makes one of opponents monsters 0/ helps get over big monsters and in chaos dragons/elemental dragon matchups)

3x mst (removal is good/want plays to go off)
1x Monster Reborn (Self Explanatory)
!x Heavy storm ( Self Explanatory)
Dark hole (Self Explanatory)
2x Forbidden Lance ( helps get/keep fortress on field, and helps get over big monsters)
1x Pot of Avarice (Amazing late game, Allows you to get off plays again)
1x Limiter Removal ( Helps otk pushes/ puts fortress at 5000 atk)
1x Mind control ( helps push for game against zenmaines/ Aids xyz plays)
2x Pot of Duality ( helps with consistency/ great first turn card if you dont have gearframe/armor/ or arsenal)
2x Torrential Tribute ( Great reset button/ punishes opponent for overextending)
2x Bottomless Trap Hole ( Gets rid of problamatic monsters/ Can't reborn them)
1x Dimensional Prison (Zenmaines Removal, Problem Card removal)
1x Mirror Force (Mass removal, great against agressive decks like six sams)
1x Solemn Warning (Keeps problem cards from hitting field)
1 x Solemn Judgment ( Extra protection of monsters, Keeps problems off field)
1x Starlight Road ( Protects Backrow, Protects you when you have large field from torrential and mirror force/ dark hole)

Extra Deck:
2x Gear Gigant x (Searchs level 4 or lower machine from deck/ Sets up plays)
1 Maestroke the Symphony Djinn ( Gets over high attk monsters with mediocre defense, Helps stall if no other resort)
1x Photon Papiloperative ( Helps you get around spirit reaper/marshmallon )
1x Blackship of corn (Same purpose as Papiloperative but deals 1000 damage)
1x Number 39 Utopia (Helps Stall)
1x Number 16 Shock Master ( Shuts down some decks like prophecy/ Effect monster heavy decks)
1x Gem Knight Pearl ( Big beater/ helps get over large monsters)
1x Gagaga Cowboy ( Helps get over big monsters/ can burn for game)
1x Stardust Dragon (Easily summonable by starlight road)
1x Black Rose Dragon ( Clears the field of problamatic cards/ usually last resort)
1x Karakuri Burei ( Helps get over monsters)
1x Fairy King Alberdvich ( Helps get over gorz/Big monsters)
1x Number 11 Big eye ( Takes opponents monster/ Changes tide of game)
1x Wind up Zenmaines ( Rarely go into because of few level 3's in deck/ here just in case oppurtinity presents itself)

Side Deck : I feel this all depends on what you face on dn/locals/ regionals and is all personal preference.
Let me Know what you guys think of my build and what I can improve or add. Thanks Smile


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just a small detail, but I recommend using 2 of Starlight Road.
I mean, Mirror Force is at 2, Torrential is at 2, most decks use 1 each of Dark Hole and Heavy Storm...Not a huge deal, but it does negate some of the most powerful effects in the game...good card is good.

other than that, looks pretty solid to me

Machina Geargia Deck (looking for decks/deck advice) Tumblr_m29vwcRm3X1rr3gb8o1_400


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i would cut down on the gearframe to 2 and the geargia armor to 2 and change ur geargiano to geargiano mk-II instead cuz it is a summon with a free ss from hand or grave yard to recycle ur geargia armor or other geargia mobs so 1+1... since geargiano negates eff of mobs being ss when he tributes ... Also u can put in my body as shield for ur monster control... 1500 hp for ur monsters survival ability is way better since its a quick play... for me i would cut down on a geargaint X to 1. its just a suggestion... but see if it helps

other than that it looks good...

if u put 2 geargiano mk-II in the deck u can also use soul of silvermountian... just incase but just a suggestion idk but see how that works for ya

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