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The Dojo's Constant News Letter (all global announcements in one! PLEASE READ FREQUENTLY!)

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I have now decided to email everyone when the newsletter is updated (unless it's just editing in a small update.

New edits as of Friday, may 4rd

The Ban list for Academy Events is now ready

This list applies to Placement testing (tester and testee), Staff Held tornaments with offical prizes, Practical Exams, "Gamble Games" in the Hunting Grounds, and the Kanto Challenge.

7 card ban
Dark World
Fire Fist
Fire Kings

Absolute ban
Onslaught of the Fire Kings
Spellbook judgment day

The 7 card ban is simple you may NOT have more than 7 cards in your deck of that archetype as it may break the game

The Absolute ban is pretty explainable as these cards CANNOT be inside any part of the decklist.

We need more players as gym trainers

(Note: this item is currently outdated as both links were deleted by DNF mods >:/. Anyways, if you know anyone who wants to be a gym trainer, please give me their name and gym through DTD mail)

Since progress is limited, we're ok for now. However, we really need more trainers for gyms. So, I've already extended the links outside the dojo. If you could all ask your friends who are not in DTD to sign up here that would be awesome.


[PS, while you're at it KellsBelles has a tourny I'd really like to get off the ground cause I think it's a cool idea. Check it out here:

Dorm Wars Rules Have Changed

You may now team with any 2 members of the academy REGUARDLESS OF DORM. Once 8 teams total are registered, the first dorm wars tourney can kick off.

We need video lessons
We have a video lessons section which i'm very excited about, but no video lessons up. If regular users take it upon themselves to do some lessons I would be grateful

Leagues are Launching and Need Your Help
Right now the academy league is set to launch as a week long event everytime it gets filled. There are a few spaces left in the first round. Please sign up! (Note: Admins can not sign up for the academy league)

Academy league:

We are delaying the launch of the tag force league until we integrate Dev Pro, and other programs into the academy, see the post below.

DTD is expanding to other games and wants your help!

In case you missed my little announcement on some reply a while back, DTD is in the early phases of becoming a more general strategy game academy. We intend to use other services to play almost every type of TGC and strategy game you can think of.

Right now were looking for "Game Masters" of these particular games: Vanguard, Magic The Gathering, Chess, Pokemon TGC, Pokemon RPG's and Competative battling, Digimon TGC, any other TGC you want to tell me about, any suggestions of games we should incorporate what so ever. Right now we are in a very explorititory phase. Plans to go through with this and other projects are lined up to begin active construction after the successful launch of the new RP zone (or DTG)

We are also looking into new ways to stay in touch while we play all these services, such as irc's. More to come as this becomes a project.

Old but still relevant updates section

We are now hiring Acad Accountants.

You will be paid a steady GP salary. You will be responsible for helping to update the GP spreadsheet. Also will be responsible for opening booster packs for the upcoming card library.

Deck Submission Contests and Other GP offers:

We are holding a deck submission contests. These decks will reward 200 GP and will become the canon decks of the characters from yugioh when they interact with RP players. The characters who are up for submission are 1) Yugi's Deck 2) Kaiba's Deck 3) Syrus' Deck.

In addition 100 GP is offered for someone willing to make 10 DN accounts and emails.

See the link for more details.

The Kanto Challenge has launched

Start by reading pallet town. Tomorrow we will be adding it in the sidebar, but you can manually find it on the homepage by scrolling down to links.

Or here:

The Expanded RP Zone is coming soon

We have made a seperate site for the RP zone which will now operate like MMO tag force. You will be given 1 of 6 starter decks and have to buy cards in booster packs in the DTD card shop. If you do not have a card in your RP library, you cannot use it in an RP duel. There will also be a massive freeroaming RP section in addition to campaigns which is our current system. More information will be available when this launches.

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The Dojo's Constant News Letter (all global announcements in one! PLEASE READ FREQUENTLY!) 12Qzu


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Shadow's New tournament is up and ready for applications.

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The Dojo's Constant News Letter (all global announcements in one! PLEASE READ FREQUENTLY!) ZdQ2pgK



The Dojo's Constant News Letter (all global announcements in one! PLEASE READ FREQUENTLY!) 12Qzu

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