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Description of the Dragons Dojo RP universe (Please read)

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Edit: I would like to give Kagami Hiiragi credit for all her help in making this happen.

This is a description of Dragon's Dojo Role Playing Universe. You can Create a Character in the Character Creation board using the Template and recruit for story lines in the recruitment board.


Rules on RP formatting will be handled by Kagami Hiiragi, please see her posts for that information.
-Every duel your RP character gets into is settled on DN, these duels can be played in character, or out of character. Post screenshots of your results. The results of this Duel may have an impact on the story.
-Your character has access to all your deck recipes.
-If a minor character is created in the story someone involved (Most likely the GM) in RP will have to build him a deck from scratch. Minor characters do not have access to your pre-made Deck Recipes. This is partly to keep gameplay fresh, partly to have you practice your deck building.
-All tournaments that happen outside RP are Cannon. So for example if you win the Academy's opening tournament and get promoted to Sacred Goddess Dorm, so does your character.
-Card Restrictions: This universe takes place after Yugioh and Yugioh GX, thus certain cards are restricted or limited. You're character cannot use any deck recipes use the cards 1) God Cards 2) Exodia (some characters can have Exodia in there deck recipe, but you'll have to talk it through with me first and really work it into your character and possibly history. You may only start with 1 or 2 cards and have to play campaigns to get the others). We are ignoring that Xyz and synchro monsters are not in this timeline.

All other cannon one of a kind cards are overlooked (example: blue eyes white dragon, number cards) unless you are playing in a campaign with character like kaiba or yuma and it would defy canonical sense. So best bet is don't bring much attention to the fact these characters love and have a relationship with cards that other characters are know to love (example: don't make a character with a blue-eyes white dragon fetish) unless you clear it with an admin of the RP board.

-If you wish to create campaign that uses any characters from the TV shows (like Yugi, Pegasus, Jack Atlas, Jaden, The Red Rose Duelist) contact me first to make sure they're involvement would not contradict any planned events.

Description of the Dragons Dojo RP universe (Please read) Map_of17

The Dragon’s Dojo Description: Dragon’s Dojo opened its doors 5 years ago. It has turned out a few professional duelists, and many minor league and middle league players. Little is known about the Headmaster or why he opened the academy, but some of the architecture and much of the philosophy of Dragons Dojo come from eastern cultures, giving them a distinct personality when compared to other local academies. The site it was built on contains many ruins that are rumored to be connected to Ancient Magic.

Description of the Dragons Dojo RP universe (Please read) Terrai10

Description of the Dragons Dojo RP universe (Please read) Terrai11

Description of the Dragons Dojo RP universe (Please read) Terrai13

Description of the Dragons Dojo RP universe (Please read) Terrai14

Description of the Dragons Dojo RP universe (Please read) Terria10

Physical Description: The Dragons Dojo is located in Southern California, not more then 2 hours from LA. However, the grounds are located on a mountain heavily populated with Forests and trees. Because traveling down the mountain takes 2 hours (and 2 more hours to drive to civilization) the students of the academy are very much isolated for most of the year. Mostly the Terrain is made of Forests, rivers, and Meadows. There is a lake on the less populated side of campus (Hieratic Lake) where students like to go, hang out, and have bonfires on weekends when they do not have curfew. There is an island in that lake but students are forbidden entering. The Mountain the academy is built plays host to many ruins buried in overgrown forests. The buildings in Dragons Dojo are surrounded by dragon statues to the point of over saturation (some call it tacky and wonder about the academies fascination with dragons).

Timeline: This academy's universe begins 5 years after Yugioh GX.

Individual Location Descriptions

Dragon’s Sanctuary Dorm: This is teachers living quarters. It’s not really a dorm, it’s a gated community. It has it’s own store, child care center, school house, most of the basic comforts of civilization.

Description of the Dragons Dojo RP universe (Please read) Sacred10

Sacred Goddess Dorm: Sacred Goddess is the best kept dorm. It is kept gated and has it’s own grounds and garden which is maintained regularly and is said to be by the few lucky enough to see it, breath taking. They have a wide array of perks and amenities available to the students who reside there. They have their own in dorm duel field, a separate cafeteria, an in dorm card shop always stocked with rare cards, many lounges and recreation areas, a library, several in door pools, outdoor sports fields for every sport imaginable, a beautiful chapel on the grounds. Sacred Goddess Dorm students get treated like royalty in terms of living arrangements. Because Sacred Goddess Students live on the farside of campus they have a shuttle system to take them anywhere they want to go on and off campus at any time. Sacred Goddess Students have a special ID’s that open the gates to their dorm grounds, and do not have a curfew.

Description of the Dragons Dojo RP universe (Please read) Cursed10

Cursed Pride Dorm: Cursed Pride Dorm rooms have much more space then Infected Duelist and Pulsating Sword rooms. They are provided with cable TV and are the only dorm aside from Sacred Goddess and Dragon’s Sanctuary to receive this privilege. They do not have a private grounds but there is a meadow close to the Cursed Pride Dorms that many of the elitist students consider “their property” even though the field is open to everyone. The rooms also come equipped with a fully stocked kitchen, a dishwasher, washer and dryer. They have a private study hall and small library a short walk from their living quarters. Students in Cursed Pride have Curfew at 11pm opposed to the lower ranked dorms which have curfew at 10pm. Students in Cursed Pride do not share rooms, unless they request to have a roommate.

Description of the Dragons Dojo RP universe (Please read) Pulsat10

Pulsating Sword Dorms: Pulsating sword dorms are not luxurious, but are not quiet as basic as the Infected Duelist rooms. Most students in Pulsating Sword share their rooms with a roommate, but if their grades are good enough they can apply for a single. All Pulsating Sword Dorms have a small kitchen area (a sink, stove, fridge and microwave). Pulsating Sword students share a laundry room with Infected Duelists. They and all higher ranked dorms have private bathrooms and air conditioning. The river that flows through campus sits very near the Pulsating Sword Dorm, and their students are very fond of the river and their spot near by it.

Description of the Dragons Dojo RP universe (Please read) Dormou10

Infected Duelist Dorms: A lot of old Infected Duelist students who have moved up the dorm system refer to the Infected Dorms as “Walden” or their “camping years.” By this they mean that the lifestyle at Infected Duelist’s is so bear bones that it feels like their time there was spent in the wilderness. Infected Dorm Rooms are small and when the academy has too many students there can be as many as four students per dorm. There is no air conditioning, there is a public bathroom a 2 minute walk away from the dorms. The dorm is not rundown, but students have to rely on their own skills to fix their problems, such as leaks in the roof or rodent infestation. When the school needs to save money, they siphon it from Infected Duelists living costs (if there is any money left to take from this dorm that is).

Dorm Shared Quad: A Quad shared by Infected Duelists, Pulsating Sword, and Cursed pride. Many students who are friends who live in different dorms make a habit of meeting here before and after class. It has benches and is heavily populated with Eastern Asian dragon artwork. Because Infected Duelists and Pulsating sword do not have a study, many prefer to lay out with nature and do their homework there. It usually has a professor or two somewhere around so it is generally a safe place for students from every dorm to mingle.

Cafeteria: Cursed Pride, Pulsating Sword, and Infected Duelist all share a cafeteria. The Cafeteria hot dogs are for some reason considered to be (by those who have been fortunate enough to try them) “The greatest thing on this earth after Duel Monsters.” hotdogs sells out quickly so very few students have actually had one. Now they are more of a rumor or legend then an actual meal, and students who have yet to have one of these legendary hot dogs have a hard time believing that a simple hot dog can be held in such high regard. The cafeteria sells a wide variety of western food.

Student Library: A library is provided for the neighboring dorms. It has four floors the first 2 of which are completely devoted to books on Duel Theory and Gaming (this includes books that teach chess openings, books on tactical warfare, books on game theory, and books like “Art of War” or “The Prince”). The other two floors are more general and contain a vast array of subjects. If you cannot find a book here the Library will ship one in from a neighboring school. It may take up to six months though. Even though Cursed Pride has a private study hall, it is much too small to be functional for everyone; so many Cursed Pride students utilize this library as well.

Atem’s Grove: With no path leading to it, Atem’s Grove is one of the better kept secrets of duel academy. It is circular clearing in the Forest that is rumored to be somewhere around the dorm area. People who believe Atem’s Grove is real say that it is a place filled with “mystical energy.” Others claim that they have heard their Duel Monsters Decks talk to them… Staff is aware of the grove and is advised to keep it secret and keep everyone out as the grove can be, according to the headmaster, “dangerous.” Hard to believe for such a seemingly peaceful and beautiful place.

Description of the Dragons Dojo RP universe (Please read) Infect10

Student Lounge/Student Center: This is a reck-room open to both students and teachers of the academy. Mostly utilized by Pulsating Sword and Infected Duelists to watch professional duels on TV as their dorms do not have cable. Because Dragons Dojo is a Duel Academy the wreck room is loaded with games. There is an arcade, Foosball table, air hockey. It has a room filled to the brim with many strategy games and puzzles. A small duel field (it can only handle a maximum capacity of 20 people and one duel, standing room only. Outside there are basket ball courts, a Soccer/football field, and 2 tennis courts. There is a bowling alley and 8 small movie theaters where groups of students go on their freetime. No one ever seems to pay it much mind but there is an inscription some say was posted above the doorway on a metal plank. “Here you come to improve your mind, but what challenges in lifes game will you find? You've risked your fate on skill and luck, will you be the one to rise to the top? This game is alive, magic that is real. The next king who will reign, must break this seal.” Any of the students who have ever noticed it agree it’s a bizarre inscription, probably just the headmaster or a staff member’s idea of a practical joke.

Campus Card Shop: When the academy was first being built, the first card shop and classes were in small unheated log cabins. However, with the wealth that came from having several professional duelists rise from it’s ranks the card shop has grown to a two story mammoth of shop. It has two levels and a lime green interior. Rare cards are littered in display cases and frames that engulf almost all the floor and wall space. There are also a variety of binders and booster packs to pick through. The name of the shop is “The Warrior of Light.” The rumor around campus is that the live in owner Roy, used to be a powerful duelist in the days of Yugi Moto, and was said to have even battled with the original King of Games himself. You can press Roy all you want but he rarely talks about his days as professional duelist. Roy is getting into his 60’s so his grandson Kevin helps him run the card shop. Kevin is not a duelist but loves games and is still trying to decide what to do with his with his life. He is 12 years old.

Description of the Dragons Dojo RP universe (Please read) Main_f10

Main facility: The main facility is a faculty office. The Headmaster’s office is located here as are teacher’s offices. If a prospective student visits the academy this is where they would meet the facility and conduct interviews as well as take their test. There is a duel field in this building that allows for four simultaneous duels. Students only come here when they have administrative dealings or when they are visiting for office hours. To teachers this place is paradise, they’re offices are spacious and they have a large faculty office in which they spend time socializing in-between classes. The tutorial center is located in the main facility.

Description of the Dragons Dojo RP universe (Please read) Japane11

Hunting Grounds: An outdoor dueling field modeled after ancient Japanese shrines. These shrines represent different attributes (wind, dark, light, fire) and types (rock, fairy, reptile) for duel monsters. Older students believe it good luck to pray to one of these shrines before using a fiend deck. The Hunting Grounds is rumored to be modeled after the Training ground the Dojo Master learned from. In the center is an outdoor arena, made of stone that vaguely resembles the coliseum. It can hold up to 8 simultaneous matches.

Gate/Enterence: Shuttles are here to take the students on the weekends, but they must catch the 5 PM shuttle back on Sunday. Sacred Goddess students have personal drivers and can come and go as they please. Some spend there time playing in the minor leagues getting ready to launch their careers and use the drivers for this purpose. You can leave the academy grounds from the surrounding forest. There are no barriers, this makes the gate seem a little ironic to students who have spent a lot of time at the academy.

Description of the Dragons Dojo RP universe (Please read) Terrai16

Heiratic Lake/Beach: All students agree the lake is the most beautiful part of campus. On weekends students who do not take the shuttle back to civilization like to come out at night and party on the beach.

Dragunity Island: No students are allowed on the island in the center of Hieratic Lake. It is closed to for the purposes of our RP until an event that is being planned. Your stories may involve it (example, maybe a creature is coming FROM the island, but your heroes can never journey to the island). [EDIT: Dengakuman has special permission to have his character use this area.]

Description of the Dragons Dojo RP universe (Please read) Terrai15

Red-Eyes River: The Red eyes river is beloved by the pulsating sword dorm most of all, as it is close to there arm. Most of the roads that are interrupted by the river have bridges. All but one road, a main road which leads from the main facility to the dorms, and is the most convenient road for crossing campus… if you can make the leap. Stone pillars are placed in the gap but you must jump them quickly and land in the center they are fixed to tilt when pressure is applied to an off center area of the stone. You must land on the center of gravity. Next to the river is a red oak tree with engraved with all the names of students who have crossed it as well as the inscription “The path to victory is with speed and precision.” If you cannot cross the river there is a narrower gap you can jump a 5 minutes walk north.

Sacred Dragon Temple Ruins: These ruins have been on the Campus grounds long before the Academy was said to be built by the ancient Mayans. Rumor has it that when the academy was founded the headmaster tried to have these ruins demolished, but everyone tied to its demolition died before they could proceed and the company backed out. Students are forbidden from entering (this does not stop your RP character from doing so, it’s an open environment). In hushed whispers teachers talk about this place and something called “shadow magic.”

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