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CaptnCook86 = Royce Cook

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1 CaptnCook86 = Royce Cook on Sun Feb 10, 2013 9:08 pm


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Name: Royce Cook

Age: 18
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 9/27
Skin: White
Hair: Brown (with #@$%^in' sideburns)
Eyes: Blue
Likes: Music, food, humor (clean and crude), relaxing to the max, helping others if possible.
Dislikes: Arrogance, Hypocrites, treating other badly, excessive complaining.

Dorm: Pulsating Sword

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

History: Being orphaned at an early age, Royce has always been quite independant, and has had to teach himself how to live. After finding a safe niche with some of his friends, Royce taught himself how to duel, and eventually built his deck winning street duels against strangers by making bets on each others decks. After honing his skills, he left his makeshift home and went on a journey to win tournaments. Once his name became well-known by winning consecutive local tournaments, the Academy caught wind of his prowess and sent him a letter, requesting he try out for one of the dorms. After some grueling testing, Royce got placed into the Pulsating Sword dorm. Happy with his placement, Royce quickly began to duel anyone whenever he could. He aspires to be a top-notch duelist and to eventually win many more tournaments.

Personality: Growing up on his own, Royce can be a bit rude at times without realizing it. However, he is a good person at heart and is always rearing for a good challenge. Even though he may not seem like it, he takes all of his duels seriously, even though he may appear carefree or apathetic toward the situation at hand. He values all other duelists as equals, even though he can easily get irritated when a fellow duelist is incredibly slow. Regardless, if someone needs help, he will do what he can, be it something personal, or dueling related.

Favorite Card: Fabled Ragin

Awards: None
Status: None

Deck Recipies: Evil Forest, Chronomaly, Fabled, Psychics, Fire Fist

Recent Character Development:

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And to you, dead and bloated nation of sleepwalkers, so content to drown in your own rancid apathy that your own minds and the minds of your children are being bought and sold on the auction block by swarthy old hogs-oh, set a place for the auctioneer, he'll be coming to dinner tonight. No need to bother, honey, he'll be coming live via satellite direct, right through our brand-new mother$%^&*@' super-mega-screen Home Moniter System...

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Nicely done. Approved.

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