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1 dnmn12= Holden on Tue Mar 26, 2013 1:27 am


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Name: Holden

Age: 16

Arcana: Fire

Dorm: Cursed Pride

Allignment: True Neutral

History: Holden had a very uneasy time at home around the age of 8 after a divorce that happened with his family. For that reason Holden became a duelist at a young age to get away from the stress. After turning 16 he wanted to become well known in the dueling world. He wants to have all the decks he builds known around the world, he wants to become a legend. But sadly had no clue on where to start. After saving money for multiple years Holden decided to leave the monstrosity of his home and his destructive uneasy society to go to the dragons training dojo.

Personality: Holden is very social and nice if you approach him the same way. Because he learned alone at a young age he frowns upon negative criticism about the way he plays but is willing to accept as long as its constructive. Being in an academy he has learned to accept other people and is always willing to talk/duel. But don't approach him in the wrong way for he is lethal when mad.

Favorite card: Sephylon, The Ultimate TimeLord


Deck Recipies: Sorta Lightsworns

Status: Leader of the first gym (non cannon)

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