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Mission Index (list of all missions)

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1 Mission Index (list of all missions) on Mon Mar 18, 2013 2:19 pm


Deck building challenges

First times a charm
Description: Make a deck with certain conditions from scratch, win with it in your first game.

Fly to the heavens little crow
Description: Make a deck with only cards with wings in the artwork and win with it.

Against All Odds
Description: Your mission is to create a uncompetitive deck that should not win at all and then beat someone with that deck.

Master of Oz the Great and the Powerful
Description: Build a Koala deck that uses Des Koala, Big Koala and Des Kangaroo (Wombat is Optional) to fusion summon The Great and Powerful Master of Oz.

Reach out to the truth
Description: Win a game with a deck that uses 3 Izanagi cards and 3 Izanami cards.

zexal challenge
Description: Win with a deck made up of cards owned by Yuma in yugioh zexal only. No subbing in staples he didn't use.

Get your game on! (season one style)
Description: Win with a jaden season 1 deck (from Yu-gi-oh! GX).

Twio duos
2 parts-
Description: first one was winning while you control both jinzo and spell canceller
Description: the other one is win by decking out your opponent, no empty jar allowed

Mirror Mirror on the wall
Description: Win with a deck that only uses cards with mirror in it's name, or has a picture of a mirror in it's artwork.

Metalic Red-Eyes
Description: Win a game by attacking with Red-eyes Metalic Dragon.

Pegasus challenge
Description: The challenge is to win with a toon deck in a 2/3 match.

Mission 6- Just Another Manic Mokey
Description: Win a game by attacking with Mokey Mokey

Shine the way
Description: Win a duel with Blue Eyes Shining Dragon

Mission:Crave your way into the future
Description: Win a match while having Shooting Stardust Dragon and/or Red Nova Archfiend on the field

Mission:The forecast today is Cloudy
Description: win a match using cloudians

Mission: Illegal Victory
Description: Your mission will be to win a match duel via the effect of Victory Dragon.

Mission 11- Ultimate Power
Description: Win by attacking with Uria, Lord of Searing Flames with him at 5000 or more attack points.

Mission 8- The Iron Jet
Description: Summon Dimensional Jet Iron and attack directly with it.

Playstyle challenges

OTK First turn
Description: Do an OTK on your very first turn.

No life points lost
Description: Win a duel without losing any lifepoints.

Mission 2- Life Points 2
Description: you must finish a duel with less than 2000 life points and win

Description: win by the effect of Exodia The Forbidden One.

Passive Aggressive
Description: Win a duel while not declaring an attack the entire duel.

Mission: Eye of the Storm
Description: to win with this random deck Shadow created. The only thing is that you must win by attacking with DarkStorm Dragon.

Mission 5- Destiny Board
Description: This mission will be to win via the effect of Destiny Board.

Mission- Duel Control
Description: Your goal is to win within 4 turns.

Mission: Complete Nonsense
Description: win with a deck Shadow made

Mission: The Comeback King
Description: Get to 1000 Life points, your opponent must have at least 6000 life points more then you.

Mission 3- Life Points 3
Description: to end a duel with over 10000 life points.

Mission: Low Card Economics
Description: Win a duel. On your last turn (or your opponents last turn, whenever the duel ends). You must control and have in your hand no more then two cards. Your opponent must control or have in his hand no less then 5 cards.

Ulterior motives of play challenges

Boss fight
Description: Make a user with 1000 or more rating rage quit.

Partly Luck

ying yang challenge
Description: Win a duel with the opposite number of cards in your main deck then in your Grave to make 40

ying yang challenge 2
Description: Win a duel with the same number of cards in both your main deck and grave

Mission 7- Deck 2
Description: Finish a duel with 10 cards in your deck, no more no less.

Mission 4- Deck 1
Description: to end a duel with EXACTLY 25 cards left in your deck.

Mission 10- Overstuffed
Description: win duel with field completly full 5 spells/ traps plus field spell all monster zones filled and cards in extra deck, grave and banished

Deadly challenges
Description: To win this mission you must win only while having 2 Shooting Quasar Dragons and 1 Red Nova Dragon on the field without losing lifepoints and having more than 10 cards in your deck.

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