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Why Are the Elite Four using Meta if I'm stuck to the banlist?

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This is part of the challenge of the game. Challengers could not use meta because the game asks them to overcome the challenge of dueling with more original designs and beating the meta with it. More over, to become the champion you must sweep the Elite four with a non-meta deck. Elite four are forced to play meta to provide this challenge to you.

If this angers you, remember it's all part of the game. And aren't games about having fun? Have some fun with this and push yourself to the limit. Just like you may have flopped against the elite four in your first few runs another parallel will hold true, you will gain experience from each win and loss. Smile Good luck all challengers. Congratulations on getting here. You did it with the same restrictions and you don't need it lifted now. You can do this. GO BECOME THE CHAMPION!

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